Swaziland Locksdown
6 April 2020
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The Kingdom of eSwatini, known to the United Nations as Swaziland is a country of 1.3 million people. The nation has been on partial lockdown, but that changes today.

The king, who is believed to be in isolation, declared a national state of emergency and ordered a partial lockdown last week. Towards the end of the weekend, however, emaSwati were informed that a full lockdown would take place from April 6.

The partial lockdown proved to be quite the ordeal for some as police officers and soldiers went about enforcing it. A curfew has been observed in the past few days and several businesses have taken a blow of up to 90% of business. Certain officers of the law have been implicated in bribery scandals for coercing business owners to pay up or lock up during this time. 

The kingdom is as big as Kruger National Park, it is said that everyone knows everyone and most strangers are related and don’t even know it. That only means the virus can spread faster. The steps taken by His Majesty’s government will be critical in maintaining the low number of cases in Africa.