Full Text:MDC Alliance, UK And Ireland Province Women’s Assembly Fully Supports President Nelson Chamisa
11 May 2020
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We are neither shocked nor surprised by the recent events in our motherland.

From the recalling of our MPs, the attempt to take over Morgan Tsvangirai House and not forgetting the court ruling by the Supreme Court a few weeks ago whilst the country was supposed to be in lockdown.

The regime and its puppets are working overtime to exterminate MDC Alliance, but we are vowing that Zimbabwe will never be a one party state!

We will never be deterred, we remain focused as we are the only credible political party in Zimbabwe, and we will restore our country to its former Glory.

Change is inevitable, MDC Alliance is the People’s movement that can truly deliver the people of Zimbabwe from the hands of this evil cartel.

As we maintain our unwavering support for President Nelson Chamisa we continue to engage with all branches within UK & Ireland to strengthen our Party.

The struggle ahead of us is huge & it requires us to work in peace, love & harmony #Haticheuke until we reach Canaan.


Hellena Gusinyu
MDC Alliance, UK & Ireland Province Women’s Assembly Chairperson

MDC Alliance Women’s Assembly behind President Chamisa