Woman Taken Back To Quarantine Centre After Giving Birth.
11 May 2020
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A woman who recently returned from Botswana and is quarantined at Allen Redfern Primary School in Plumtree town gave birth to a baby girl.

She was reportedly rushed to Plumtree District Hospital where she delivered with no complications.

This was confirmed by Mangwe District Social Welfare Officer Sicelo Nyathi, who said the woman will be be sent back into quarantine where she will be checked regularly. Said Nyathi:

We received a new baby on Friday. The woman gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and that brings the number of people quarantined at the primary school to 141.

She is expected to return to the quarantine centre and health personnel will be checking on her and the baby regularly.

Nyathi further revealed that between May 6 and 8, the department received more than 300 returnees from Botswana with 80 per cent of the returnees coming voluntarily.

On Saturday, other returnees were transferred to Mashonaland West, Manicaland, Mashonaland East and Mashonaland Central provinces.

According to Nyathi, Plumtree High School now has 287 returnees while Allen Redfern Primary School has 141 bringing the total number of returnees quarantined in Plumtree to 428.

The centres have a holding capacity of 500.