Another Woman Hails Makomichi “Anointed Herb”
12 May 2020
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Farai Dziva| A 62-year-old Masvingo woman has claimed she got married on Mother’s Day after administering “Prophet” Makomichi’s ” anointed love potion herb” for three days.

The woman who identified herself as ” The Relieved One” posted her testimony on Makomichi’s social media group.

Makomichi distributes what he calls the “anointed love potion herb” to women and girls across the country- for free.

Makomichi is the leader of Calvary Prayer Group and
the president of Vulnerable Youth Support Network Trust.

In her testimony the woman said : I got married at 62 when I had given up hope of finding love.

I can’t really explain what happened but I got married on Mother’s Day after administering the anointed love potion herb for only three days.My husband is 70 and we are beginning to enjoy ourselves together. I know people will not believe what I am saying but who cares ? I am a relieved woman after all.

I was a frustrated woman having tried to get married four times without success.
I really thank the prophet for giving me the anointed herb for free.

I know some church leaders are sceptical of the herb but my message is clear, there is nothing sinister, it is really genuine.

I can’t recall how many times I fasted in my life.I also applied different types of anointing oil to avail.

Those who are really desperate to get married should contact the prophet on 0777469342.