“Zanu PF To Blame For Chibaya Accident”
12 May 2020
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Farai Dziva|The MDC Alliance has accused the ruling party Zanu PF of plotting Amos Chibaya’ s accident on Sunday.

Chibaya is the MDC Alliance national organising secretary.

“The post of Organising Secretary is the life of our party.

Amos Chibaya is the heartbeat of MDC Alliance. Sunday’s assassination attempt was a deliberate attempt to destroy the MDC Alliance.

We can’t assume things will be back to normal.

Zanu PF has declared war on us and war it must be .

Death by bullet is better than death by this mischief Zanu PF plotted on Sunday .

A CIO operative was assigned to eliminate our leader,” the MDC Alliance said in a statement.

Amos Chibaya