Arrested Sheep Thief Goes Into Labour, Gives Birth To Baby Boy
14 May 2020
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By A Correspondent- A pregnant woman went into labour upon arrest on the same day she had stolen two sheep from a fellow villager in Mudzi.

Sarudzai Mukwaira, 37, gave birth to a baby boy the day she got arrested along with her accomplice niece Erina Joswa, 30 both under chief Nyamukohwo in Mudzi District.

The duo allegedly stole the sheep from Tombotiya family’s kraal and skinned them in the bush before taking the meat to their homestead.

The incident was confirmed by Mashonaland East Provincial spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza. He said:

The two women are now in police custody assisting with investigations. On Monday at around 2 am the two accused persons Sarudzai Mukwaira and Erina Joswa residing at Mukwaira village proceeded to Tombotiya’s place of residence.

Erina entered the pen and killed the sheep by strangling them whilst Sarudzai was checking if any person was coming.

They took off with sheep on their heads and went through the forest to avoid a trace of prints.

They took the stolen sheep to Sarudzai’s homestead and hid them in the wardrobe and at around 7 am, they them started skinning the animals.

Upon arrest by members of the neighbourhood watch committee, the women denied the charges but a search was conducted leading to the discovery of a dish containing two slaughtered sheep.

The suspects held pending a court appearance, Insp Mwanza added.