Dino Mudondo “Stranded” In SA Due To Lockdown
14 May 2020
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South Africa-based rasta-kwasa musician, Dino Mudondo, took to social media to announce that his latest album “No Lumo” had been heavily affected by Covid-19 lockdown.

Dino begged for money on his Facebook page saying he was stranded, calling for other artists to assist him.

“I am writing this letter to you as a professional artiste with a huge begging bowl, asking for financial material, spiritual or any other support. It is our industry that was affected by the banning of gatherings, among others.

You have noticed that many artists have been doing some social media shows to entertain. One still needs to pay for the WIFI and data for live streaming.

“The little money I had saved for my new album launch and videos is slowly running out,” he begged.

The “Chirangano Chedu” hitmaker expressed hope of returning home soon after the lockdown.-State media

Dino Mudondo