An Anatomy Of State-Sanctioned Violence And Torture
15 May 2020
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By Fortune Daniel Molokele

There is now overwhelming evidence that our MDC Alliance Youth Assembly leaders were abducted, tortured and dumped at Bindura.

Yet there are still some people out there who are willing to believe that this whole act of brutality was a publicity stunt.

Worse still, others are blaming the youths for daring to demonstrate in the first place.

The sad story about Zimbabweans is that they prefer to suffer in silence or talk about it in social media.

In other countries like Malawi and Lebanon the peope have poured out into the streets against the lack of social safety nets from their governments during the restrictive lockdown period.

Just across the Limpopo river, our neighbour South Africa tried to come up with some safety nets for their people.

Rwanda also tried to do something for it’s most vulnerable populations.

In Zimbabwe a promise was made a few weeks ago, but to date the relevant Minister Paul Mavhima, has confirmed that he has not yet received anything yet from the Treasury.

Yet we all know that most of our urban economy is informal.

Our people are starving right now.

Yes, now is indeed the right time to protest in line with section 59 of our national Constitution.

So the few who dare to protest must not be brutalised nor vilified for exercising their constitutional rights.

Tortured MDC Alliance youth leader