Lack of Synergies Between Ministries Has Norton Houses Built On Gold Mines.
15 May 2020
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Mining Zimbawe|Lack of synergies between the Local government and Mines and Mining Development Ministry has had some houses in Norton built on top of minable gold claims.

The Mines ministry was made aware of the development by Norton Miners Association in 2018 after inspection of Mines maps.

According to mine maps, some areas in Galloway, Ngoni Township, Katanga, Knockmalloch estate, and Knowe are built on Minable gold claims.

We contacted Norton miners Association Mr. Privelage Moyo who said,” There is a case in Norton whereby Udicop through local government was given the land for housing and Ministry of mines had claims, so now the gold is worthlessly buried under houses”.

“According to the Ministry of mines map of Norton, more gold claims are shown or marked in areas that already have residential properties. There are areas and claims were new developments were taking over vast tracks of sustainable good and very rich minable land area”.

Land use conflict between Ministries leaves a lot to be desired as local government parcels out land for urban expansion while Mines Ministry issue out claims on the same mining land, and on the other hand Ministry of Agriculture also parcelling plots.

Last year Mining Zimbabwe was made aware of unprocessed sand which the department of metallurgy confirmed of consisted of gold, iron ore 52.33 per cent, and red oxide ore with 19.68 per cent which was being used for road construction on the Harare – Bulawayo dualisation project.

Issues like these can easily be eradicated by having synergies between town councils, Agriculture and Mines Ministry consultations before any land is given away.