Zanu PF Rigging Tactics Exposed
15 May 2020
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Farai Dziva|Prominent social humanity scientist, Prosper Tiringindi has accused Zanu PF of using COVID-19 donations to advance its political interests.

According to Tiringindi, Zanu PF is using COVID-19 donations to campaign for the 2023 elections.He also accused Zanu PF of insincerity.

“Zanu PF is distributing COVID-19 aid through its members and structures.

Perceived opponents are being left out of the distribution processes happening simultaneously countrywide.

In actual fact Zanu PF is already campaigning for the 2023 elections using the same donations.

That is how Zanu PF manipulates votes.In addition the ruling party uses intimidation, violence and gerrymandering to influence election results,” said Tiringindi.

Prosper Tiringindi