“Get Well Soon Baby Girls, This Evil Authored By Mugabe Is Squeezing The Life Out Of Us”
16 May 2020
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By Stanley Goreraza- Get well soon baby girl Joanna, and the other two young ladies who were physically violated and stripped of their dignity with you, by the slithering system that coiled itself around Zimbabwe 40 years ago and continues to squeeze the life out of us today.

There are times that we disagree, that being the character of life, but there are times that bring us together and this is one such time.

The regime feeds on illegalities, indecency and inhumanity, like vampires get nourishment from blood. When they are feeding, they are doing evil, when they are doing evil they are feeding. If they do not do evil they get hungry because evil is their food and fuel.

I always go back to the author of this system, Robert Mugabe and the editors of this system, Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere, Didymus Mutasa, we all know the others and they are many. (Mnangagwa has become co-author, jumping from publisher) . Va Mugabe created this monster out of the inhumanity that was in his heart.

He laid eggs and they hatched and today there are little Mugabes running around all over the country, little snakes that are growing, feeding on evil.

I almost lose my mind everytime they try to make him out to be what he was not – an icon. He stands right next to the likes of Idi Amin and Adolf Hitler on the history parade. His story is written in blood.

We should thank God that the girls are back and alive. Itai Dzamara did not have such luck. Mr Mugabe’s hatchlings got him.