Key Lockdown Extension Highlights
16 May 2020
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While delivering today’s COVID-19 lockdown address President Mnangagwa highlighted the following:

  1. Lockdown extended indefinitely
  2. Social distancing to continue
  3.  Wearing of face masks, hand washing and the use of sanitizers remains mandatory.
  4. Public and Private places will continue to be disinfected regularly.
  5. The government will increase all provinces’ testing capacities.
  6. Private sector testing and isolation centres are encouraged and will be facilitated in testing suspected cases.
  7. Rertunees still subjected to 21 day mandatory quarantine
  8. Businesses planning to reopen must follow laid down measures in regards sanitization, social distancing, temperature checks and monitoring
  9. Public exam classes and final year students must be allowed to proceed within the prevention measures .
  10. Phased reopening of schools to be put in place
  11. Business operating times adjusted, business can opne from 8 AM to 4:30PM
  12. Informal sector reopening consultations still ongoing
  13. Social gatherings, weddings, churches parties etc still prohibited.
  14. Bars and gyms to remain closed. Restaurants allowed to open for take aways
  15. Inter city travel still banned for both air and road transport except for essential cargo.
  16. Zupco to remain the only public transport allowed on the road
  17. All truck drivers entering the country to be tested.