Mabvuku Residents Still Relying On Open Water Sources
16 May 2020
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By Own Correspondent| Mabvuku residents are mooting a legal intervention to coerce council to supply them with safe potable water amid lamentations over chaotic bulk water distribution that has seen residents relegated to access water in open shallow ponds near Lafarge Cement.

In a letter addressed to the City of Harare, Mabvuku residents are claiming that the chaotic and uncoordinated bulk water supplies have necessitated gender based violence and creating a fertile ground for the spread of covid 19.

The demands by the residents of Mabvuku are part of the Provision Order granted by the High Court on the 31st of March 2020 which called on for the supply of clean, potable and safe water, availability of municipal officers at water points to enforce social distancing guidelines and access to information.

Mabvuku residents are requesting the City of Harare to urgently comply to the provisions of the Interim Relief granted by the Court by doing the following;
• Produce, publicise and disseminate a schedule with times and places where water will be accessed through water bowsers in Ward 19.
• Ensure coordination with bulk water suppliers so that bowsers do not congregate at one place a situation that has implications on social distancing rules as residents’ rally to access water at one point.
• Water bowsers should be evenly distributed across the whole Ward to ensure equitable distribution of water to all residents.
• Increase quantity of water supplied through bulk water suppliers.
• Take measures to equitably distribute municipal water to Mabvuku Ward 19 so as to decongest few boreholes and water bowsers supplying water.
• Repair four (4) non-functional boreholes of the six boreholes that are in Ward 19
• Ensure that municipal officers “man” bulk water distribution and attend to water points to enforce social distancing rules.

The Combined Harare residents Association calls on the City of Harare to take the demands of residents seriously by complying with the High Court Order as this has serious legal implications to the local authority. CHRA also reiterate that the government must provide resources for water provision in the City.