“Sikhosana Was A Loyal And Dedicated Cadre,” ZANU PF On Late Former Youth Leader Mnangagwa Loved Dearly
16 May 2020
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Absalom Sikhosana

State Media|Zanu-PF Politburo member and former Youth League leader Absolom Sikhosana has died.

The Bulawayo Minister for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Judith Ncube, said Sikhosana died at the United Bulawayo Hospitals last night.

“He died last night at the United Bulawayo Hospitals where he had been admitted since Monday,” said the Minister.

“He was so friendly to everybody, free to talk to anytime, he was that type of a leader and leading from behind. We have lost a great man,” she said.

Zanu-PF secretary for administration Dr Obert Mpofu said Sikhosana was a loyal and dedicated cadre.

“Cde Sikhosana was a disciplined and dedicated cadre that we worked with for many years. He was unflinching in his resolve to serve the party and when he was leader of the youths, there was so much discipline in the party.

“He was a hardworking leader and until his death he was loyal and committed to the party. It is sad that we have lost our brother. He has never veneered off the revolutionary path. Because of his discipline, he was made interim chairperson of Bulawayo despite being a politburo member while they fix their structures and there was now order in Bulawayo because Cde Sikhosana was at the helm,”said Dr Mpofu.

“He was loved by everyone and loved everyone too and was very active in the party. It is sad for us because just yesterday we buried another national hero and now we have lost our brother.”

Dr Mpofu said consultations will be made with Sikhosana’s family on the way forward.

Sikhosana was at the helm of the ZANU PF Youth League until he was way over sixty years with now President Emmerson Mnangagwa protecting him from ouster.

In the run up to the 2014 ZANU PF congress, Mnangagwa, then Secretary for Legal Affairs in the party warned that Sikhosana was untouchable.

“You can only elect as far as your national youth vice-chairman . . . you start from the lower levels electing your youth leaders, that we can allow you, but when it comes to Sikhosana, you end there.

“For those who are jostling and looking to seek answers on whether Sikhosana is going to be there or not, please don’t stress because it’s not your job . . . if you find yourself straying into that area, please brew some beer and say to your ancestors you are now leading me astray please cleanse my evil thoughts,” said Mnangangwa adding that Sikhosana would be retained because he was the most trusted person to lead Zanu PF youths.