COVID-19: Pastors Holding Secret Church Meetings At Night
17 May 2020
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Faced with the COVID-19 crisis, pastors are holding secret church meetings at night. it has been said.

Zimbabwe Council Of Churches, Rev Kenneth Mtata said some churches are holding clandestine services at night.

He said: “We would want to urge all churches in Zimbabwe to comply with the Government directive to suspend church services until we are sure that we are safe from Covid-19.

“Reports that some churches are holding clandestine services are not pleasant and we would want to urge them to comply so that they do not risk people to Covid-19. We should all play a part in reducing the possible spread of the virus,” he added.

The preacher said churches should support and also extend financial support to the Government not only in the fight against coronavirus but also to help revive the economy.

He said the church supported the revolution during the liberation struggle and would continue to do so that Zimbabweans will have a better life. Rev Mtata said it was incumbent upon the church to unite people and maintain peace in the country.

“We should also start considering assisting Government financially so that we revive the economy.

“The welfare of people is the responsibility of the church.

“It is possible and we must not be afraid. Zimbabwe Council of Churches was born in Gweru in 1964; Churches then rose up against racism and colonialism.

“The church should lead in unity. Everyone who is a Christian should drive the vision of the church to unite people.

“People are looking for a day and a place where they are called people of God and not identified by their political affiliation, race or tribes.

“It is incumbent upon the church to unite the people and provide that place,” he said.