Dear Komichi- “It’s Khupe’s Decision To Be In Polad”
17 May 2020
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Dear Senator Komichi,

You are qouted in a local newspaper saying “What we know is that we are not a member of Polad and Khupe has not been mandated to represent the party. That issue will have to be considered after the extra-ordinary congress if there is need to do so. At the moment, Khupe is not a member of Polad.” 

Senator Komichi, let me first remind you that Polad was a group created by Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa for all persons who contested in the Presidential elections, and Dr. Khupe is in Polad by virtue of her having participated in the presidential election in the 2018 elections, and that is a fact which stands in history.

It is entirely up to Dr. Khupe and the version of the MDC-T that sponsored her to participate in the elections for her to withdraw or stay in Polad, not the resurrected MDC-T as it was dead during the election period.

All decisions made during the time the MDC-T was inactive do not belong to the resurrected MDC-T, they belong to the groupings that signed for those decision. The Parliamentary seats gained during the elections do not belong to the MDC Alliance and the version of the MDC-T which existed at that time, because those people physically registered to participate in an election, and that is irreversible.

In the same way Dr. Khupe cannot be recalled from Polad by the resurrected MDC-T, members of Parliament elected on the MDC-T ticket cannot be recalled by a party that was dead at the time of the election.  

You cannot unwind history, Senator Komichi. You cannot pretend that you did not get into Senator on an MDC Alliance ticket. Those are things which are not reversable.

Those are things which the Supreme Court ruled on. The Supreme Court only suggested that there be an Extra-Ordinary Congress provided the parties involved are still interested in hanging out together if there is appetite for a re-union.

Leave Dr. Khupe alone, Senator Komichi. To demand her to withdraw from an achievement she made when the original MDC-T was dead is abusive – please don’t abuse our women, the same way Senator Mwonzora is trying to abuse MDC Alliance Vice-President Lynette Kore and MDC Alliance Women Assembly Chairlady Hon Mpariwa by granting interview with the compromised Chronicle that the two ladies have crossed floors to your outfit.

Senator Mwonzora’s connivance with the State owned Chronicle exposes the collaboration that is taking place between Government, Zanu PF and those preparing for Congres. 

Do not cry foul when alert Zimbabweans who can read through the machinations to destroy the opposition label the Dr. Khupe lead group as a Zanu PF project. Zanu PF and Government always utilise any opportunity available to divide the opposition and you guyshave fallen victim to Zanu PF antics.

If you doubt it, stop a while to think why you have all of a sudden become the darlings of state media. Oppressed Zimbabweans will punish you for your failure to read their suffering and their anger at Zanu PF.    

Finally, let me remind the Dr. Khupe lead resurrected MDC-T leadership that your mandate given by the Supreme Court is to organise an Extra-Ordinary Congress, something with Advocate Mudenda missed when he accepted the recalling of MDC Alliance MPs based on the Supreme Court judgement as the same judgement clearly spells out that all decisions made by the MDC-T post Tsvangirai’s death are null and void, hence you cannot then say the MDC-T won Parliamentary seats.