I Was Treated Like A Pr*stitute-Cecilia Chimbira
17 May 2020
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Farai Dziva|MDC Alliance deputy youth assembly chairperson, Cecilia Chimbiri has revealed how she was ” treatment like a dog” by suspected government agents.

Chimbiri narrated her ordeal to Makomborero Haruzivishe who had visited her in hospital.

Read Haruzivishe’ s statement :
Upon seeing me yesterday she said,”Mako mwana wamai vangu hapana zvavasina kundiita; vakandiita kunge imbwa,vakandiita kunge pfambi…” and she broke down into tears…

I felt that!

All I could do was wipe her tears with a tissue paper and assured her,”It is time we learn how to fight back my sister, for the time to fight for justice is now or never.”

I had to say to say that because it’s true, we are in a war and we have to fight back at some point!

24 hours later I am still feeling it and I mean what I told her…It’s

Cecilia Chimbiri in hospital