WATCH: Bought A House For GBP31,000 And Was Told It’s Not At All Yours.
17 May 2020
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On Saturday night ZimEye broadcast a LIVE investigation on the Julie Condliffe scam. Condliffe is a UK based Zimbabwean businesswoman who has been traveling around the country claiming she is a millionaire. ZimEye explores in detail how she is duping scores of British citizens using hypnosis and other techniques, before pouncing on them again using threats of a legal nature. Below is the summary-

CONDLIFFE – NOTES FROM POWEL (one of the partners)

Condliffe sold to the Complainants a house (in Easington) for GBP 31,000.

The Complainants paid 31k altogether…the agreed price for buying was GBP28,000 plus GBP3,000 for sourcing. The complainants later discovered that the property was in fact hers, that she wasn’t sourcing anything.

They have documents to prove this agreement.

The Complainants were told (by Condliffe) if they refurbish it they would resell it for GBP40,000

The title deeds were never delivered.

Upon this development, the complainant reported to their bank account for a reversal of funds paid

But Condliffe told the bank that further to the contract of sale, she had conducted a one to one sit down with further explanations -she alleged that there was an arrangement in which the complainants would pay the money, and Condliffe keep the property until it can be sold for GBP40,000,

The complainant however says this is not true.

The Complainants say they then began demanding that the money must be refunded as they feel deceived.

The Complainants say they never entered the property at any time since day one.

“We just did everything out of trust. We paid the whole money and we just believed Julie (Condliffe) and went ahead to pay her.”

May 2019 we got involved with the bank and started an investigation…

“I felt confused – when she said I will keep the property within my limited company so that I don’t transfer to sellers so to speed u[ the process to transfer to another seller. But she only said this 7 months after…,”they tell ZimEye

But she said this 6 months after the payment was done.