Chimombe-Vampire Feeding Off The Troughs Of The Ruling Party Gravy-Train
18 May 2020
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By Own Correspondent| Mike Chimombe is often labelled by many in Zimbabwe of a being a real monster who has mainly benefited from patronage as a result of his strong links to ZANU PF and his relationship to the ruling party’s Mashonaland West strongman and one of the country’s richest tycoon Phillip Chiyangwa.

Despite being a legal practitioner and socialite, Chimombe also happens to be the Affirmative Action Group’s (AAG) president for Mashonaland West Chapter.

AAG is a ruling party linked black empowerment pressure group.
The man who has often been described as ruthless by his foes and friends alike is not shy of flaunting his wealth when the opportunity presents itself.

What more one would expect if your inner circle of friends include other ruling party linked monsters who include Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Albert Ndabambi, Tazvi “Chief J” Mhaka and the Power Circle who are all among some of the biggest spenders in Harare.

However, despite the flamboyancy, glitzy and glamour lifestyle which is often exhibited on the outward, Chimombe is a loan shark hiding within the structures of the ruling acolytes as he has taken peoples’ properties to the extent that several of his victims have suffered quietly because of fear and death threats.

The Nemakonde High schooled monster has been described as a dangerous person with money and power and most of his scandalous victims have no voice at all as a result of his politically achieved social status.

He also operates within the confines of the illegal forex dealing cartels who have direct access to cash from the central government.

Chimombe is also often accused of having a nick of grabbing properties belonging to most of his loan sharking victims to the extent that some remain holed outside the country fearing retribution if they ever set back their foot in the country.

These ruling party linked cartels where Chimombe is one of the tycoons, are also beneficiaries of fuel and other illicit deals where they use their spoils from their equally illicit proceeds to the loan sharking business.