Why Don’t You Just Leave Us Alone With Our Mwonzora?
18 May 2020
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Douglas Mwonzora

ByEtiwel Mutero|We have been accused of being sell outs. They claim that we we’re bought by Zanu PF in order to support Mwonzora. Chamisa’s ‘cult’ followers think everyone who supports Mwonzora is on Zanu PF payroll. I was once accused of singing  for my supper for simply writing in support of Mwonzora. I think Zanu PF is a very rich party which can sponsor anyone who  don’t bootlick Chamisa.

These Nerorists or the MDC Chamisa supporters are full of hate such that they so believe that Chamisa is God while Mwonzora is a devil. Have you ever tried to criticise Magaya or TB Joshua on social media. Have you ever seen the sorts of insults and criticism you get from the so called followers of the so called men of God? That’s the same experience you will get if you try to stand against Chamisa. You will be criticised by all and relatives will seek to disown you.

What is it that Chamisa has done for Zimbabwe which warrants him such love and affection  from the ignorant masses of Zimbabwe. As far as I can recall Chamisa has done nothing, absolutely nothing for any Zimbabwean. He doesn’t have any special quality for him to different from any man or woman of his size and age. Haana zvaakaita chero chimwe but he managed to mesmerize the Zimbabwean population and they are now glued and trapped to this young man as flues to a spider web.

I once asked one day what people think are Chamisa’s positive leadership qualities which they think makes him a better leader than Mwonzora, Komichi, Khupe or Mudzuri and nobody was able to give me a better answer. The young man has no leadership qualities which can set him aside from any MDC leaders including Mwonzora, he has none.

We were discussing one day with my friends in a WhatsApp group and I clearly said I am an MDC supporter but I don’t support this young man called Nelson and the whole group was like “Chamisa” is far much better than yourself” and I said “explain why you think I am inferior to Nelson ?” They couldn’t tell me.

So they say Nelson  got 2 million voters in 2018 so he is a great man. What help is those 2 million votes if he is not the President of Zimbabwe ? Dzodyiwa here 2 mirioni idzodzo?

They say Mwonzora is wasting his time. Politics is a game of numbers. Where will he get supporters. So they assume Chamisa has a fixed number of people come 2023 he will get back his 2 million votes and Mwonzora will get a fixed number of 50 000 throughout the country. Ah manyepo ayo. I am not a prophet but Chamisa’s image has been dented by his refusal to observe his party Constitution and his habit of refusing to subject himself to court orders. Progresive and thinking people are able to see that once elected Chamisa will be an arrogant dictator Africa had ever seen.

So they say Khupe, Mudzuri, Komichi and Mwonzora are old let them go. They insinuates that the so called MDC Alliance party which is one year old is a party of toddlers, a jiggies party neh!? Old people had no share or voice in this one year old party, that the the 4 were the old people in the MDC party and the likes of Hon. Femai are less than 40 years old.

They tell us Mwonzora was paid by Zanu PF to destroy the main opposition party in Zimbabwe. Really? When did the MDC Alliance became the biggest party in Zimbabwe if it was formed in Gweru last year? Yes it was not there in 2018 according to Biti and other MDC lawyers. How then can Mwonzora seek to destroy a one year old party, a party without any single MP in parliament?

Mwonzora is the Secretary General of the MDC party left by Tsvamgirai in 2018 commonly known as the MDC-T not Khupe’s MDC-T. He is not into Chamisa’s creature which is one year old but which seeks to celebrates 20 years of existence. What a confusion.

Mwonzora is the man of the moment, principled, slow to speak, speaks with softness but his speech is full of wisdom.He is not swayed from the truth by ignorant criticism but he is composed and confident. He is not moved by the mob but he stands for the truth even if the heavens falls (E.G.White) That’s what we call leadership. We know that if he gets the chance to lead the country he will guard and protect the national Constitution  as men protects the apple of an eye.

So they tell us Mwonzora is a small boy and he is a nonentity. If those allegations are true why is it people like Pedzisai Ruhanya tweets an average of 20 tweets a day denigrating a “small boy” a “nonentity” heee!? If you are so sure that Chamisa is a giant ,a Goliath while Mwonzora is a herd boy David, why can’t you leave us alone with our David. Why waste your data fighting a small boy.

We will stand for Tsvangirai’s legacy and we will support Mwonzora to the end and we reject every effort to be yoked by G40s, we won’t be tainted by elements of corrupt Zanu PF.

Etiwel Mutero is a political analyst, archivist, author and a prospective farmer

Source: Etiwel Mutero social media