FULL TEXT: Mwonzora Speaks On Leaked Mutodi Chats
19 May 2020
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Press Statement

19 May 2020


There are WhatsApp chats being circulated on social media purporting to be a conversation between us and some Zanu PF officials who include Ernergy Mutodi and Oppah Muchinguri.

Those chats are fake, false and malicious. They are designed to buttress the false allegations that we are working with Zanu PF ahead of our Extraordinary Congress slated for the 31st July 2020.

Zimbabweans must just ignore those false WhatsApp chats with the contempt they deserve.These falsehoods are meant to divert focus from what is currently happening in the political field.

Only a few weeks ago a rabid social commentator and ZanuPf G40 appologist and propagandist, Hopewell Chin’ono circulated fake social media chats on Twitter purporting to be a conversation in which I was supposed to have admitted working with Emerson Mnangagwa.

These chats were proven to be fake and fearing legal action Chin’ono later deleted them.

For the record we are leaders of the main opposition party and we have never worked with Zanu PF outside the GNU and formal bodies like Parliament and Councils.

Our engagement with Zanu PF in Parliament and Council are always a matter of public record.

These chats and other shenanigans are meant to divert attention to the brave rebellion by our MPs who rejected the instruction to resign en masse from Parliament by the ZanuPf G40 sponsored outfit calling it’s self the Alliance part.

It is also meant to take away attention from the disastrous “ consultation meetings” that some of our colleagues fronting for the desperate ZanuPf G40 elements, are trying to have.

These meetings have been very poorly attended. However the people have spoken against the irresponsible behavior of trying to have MPs boycotting Parliament at the time that Parliament must play a major role in the efforts to combat the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Majority MDC supporters have spoken unequivocally in support of the Supreme Court judgement and that our party must go to the Extraordinary Congress to choose a replacement of our late iconic leader Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi.

What is striking is that the ZanuPf G40 sponsored propagandists, who tried to address these meetings were just totally devoid of substance and resorted to their trademark hate language.

Further, the chats were meant to divert attention from the fact that this ZanuPf G40 fronting group have filed 4 spurious court applications in the High Court.

In other words they have rushed back to the very courts they despise.

This shows desperation and dishonesty of the highest order. The churning of false information and propaganda is being juxtaposed with the death threats and threats of violence that are being issued against our leaders.

We have sad news for these criminals: They can never break our resolve. We call upon our membership to remain focused on the main agenda of returning the MDC to its founding values of constitutionalism, rule of law, and democracy.

Unilateralism, dictatorship and violence will never be tolerated in the MDC, not least in the Zimbabwe we want.

Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora (MDC Secretary General)