“Our Perfect Wedding” Bride Dies 4 Days After Recording Last Episode Of Popular S.A. T.V. Programme
19 May 2020
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‘A kist is a sign that there will be no divorce. I will die here.’

David and Stella Malebye on their wedding day. Photo: Mzansi Magic/OPW

These were the haunting words that Mzansi Magic’s Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) bride Stella Mthembu said in an interview after shooting the reality wedding TV programme’s last episode.

Merely four days after marrying the love of her life on OPW, Mthembu, who was popularly known by her “stage name” Stella Malebye, sadly passed away on Sunday 17 May. It is alleged the newlywed fell ill a few days after filming the show. The cause of her death is yet unknown.

At the beginning of airing the OPW, it was displayed onscreen that the 46-year-old died after filming her wedding episode which was then dedicated to her family and friends by Mzansi Magic.

Social media abuzz about cause of death

Rumours have been circulating on Twitter and Facebook that she was allegedly poisoned by her 82-year-old mother-in-law who later confessed.

This, however, remains an allegation and has not been proven to be true.

The OPW wedding episode

Stella and David Malebye’s wedding was a beautiful one despite the cake missing a tier; the sparkling wine not arriving and the couple and their bridal party not able to take pictures on their happy day as it was raining cats and dogs. Followed by the tragic passing of Stella…

Watch the couple’s passionate exchange of vows:

Beautiful heart

Those who did not know the bride from Meadowlands, Soweto, personally got to see a glimpse of her beautiful heart. She opted not to throw her bouquet, but rather give each of the single ladies a flower.

Watching her sing “Noyana, Noyana…phezulu?” (Are you going, are you going…Are you going to heaven?) with one of her friends, gave viewers goose bumps as they felt like she knew that somehow all that happiness was going to be short-lived.

Lesson learnt from Stella’s untimely passing

Good times offer great memories and bad times teach us valuable lessons. If anything, the episode reminded us of how short life really is.

Tomorrow is not promised: Love your partner unconditionally and cherish every moment with them. What is here today can be gone instantly, so never take anything or anyone for granted.

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