United Nations, Who is the Govt of Zimbabwe Trying to Fool Here?
19 May 2020
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By Kennedy Kaitano
Dear United Nations,

So, a whole cabinet minister and Commissioner-General of the police organise a press conference to deny arresting the MDC youth leaders, obviously not having been briefed that after their arrest at the roadblock, a police officer got into the car and asked the ladies to drive to the police station, standard practice where other police officers have to remain at the road block while one of them gets the arrested persons to a police station.

Who is the Government of Zimbabwe really trying to fool here? We do not have a government in Zimbabwe, and the best thing is for what calls itself the Government to simply step down and fresh elections ordered. What image are the minister and the country’s most senior police officer trying to create for Zimbabwe internationally?

Are they trying to tell the world that there are now police officers in Zimbabwe who will set up a road block, and take the arrested persons to an official police station, park the arrested persons’ car into a parking at the police station and they drive the arrested persons away in a vehicle that is also available at the police station?

So I read the Government is planning to charge the abduction survivors for the lesser crime of violating shutdown regulations, well, they can proceed with that, but what price will they pay for the suffering these ladies have gone through?

Minister Kazembe Kazembe and Police Commissioner General’s press conference was therefore just a ploy to mislead the world and absolve Government’s responsibility in the abduction. So it all means the Police Spokesperson was pressured to make a u-turn from his earlier confirmation that the three ladies had indeed been arrested? If so, by whom? Heads must roll! Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga’s head must roll. Minister Kazembe Kazembe’s head must roll, but the world knows they will be well protected by Dear President, and for that Dear President’s head must roll too.

People of Zimbabwe, know it that we have a criminal Government which has to be removed from power if Zimbabwe is to function. The power is in your hands, and we need to mobilise ourselves and take appropriate democratic action to liberate ourselves. The country cannot continue in this mode.

The United Nations must come in to help the people by ordering an internationally supervised election in Zimbabwe to end this rot.