Ben 10 Abandons Zodwa Wabantu
20 May 2020
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It seems like Zodwa Wabantu’s latest relationship with her Ben 10 Vusi has taken a knock and the two are on a break.

Speaking to Drum Magazine the dancer has revealed that although the two had been on lockdown together, Vusi has since left.

Elaborating further Zodwa says things started going sour after the break in at her Durban house that saw robbers making away with items worth over R100 000.

She even issued a statement that she was willing to pay a reward of R30 000 to recover her stolen property.

On the reason for the breakup she said “Things were not working out, he left but I’ve learnt that you must allow people to leave. You accept things as they come and as they are and allow people to be themselves.”
Vusi is her second public relationship after her breakup with Ntobeko Linda a year ago.

Although things are not working out on the personal front, Zodwa Wabantu is expanding her beauty business.

After launching her perfume range which consists of two perfumes she is gearing up to launch her petroleum jelly and lipstick.

Meanwhile, Zenande Mfenyana is expecting her bundle of joy and after keeping it under wraps for the longest time on Mothers Day she finally shared the good news.-State media

Zodwa Wabantu and her Ben 10