Mtetwa, I’m Done Flattering Tyrants: If ED “Committed No Crime” Then Who Is “The Monster Of Depravity?”
20 May 2020
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By Wilbert Mukori-

My dear sister Beatrice Mtetwa

I am done with appeasing tyrants!

We have allowed tyrants like Mugabe and Mnangagwa ride roughshod over us, denying us our freedoms and rights for the last 40 years. Look where it has landed us – in this economic and political hell-on-earth. You are having to lie just to flatter Mnangagwa in the hope he will finally stop treating us like dirty!

“And to you, vaMatanga, our esteemed Commissioner General of Police, you inherited an organization which had become so discredited that it was no different from a rag-tag police force for an aspiring government in a war torn country hoping to take over power,” you stated in your letter to Mnangagwa. See Bulawayo 24.

“Only, it was worse in that it was actually the government’s police force, which in terms of the Constitution should be a Police Service. So discredited it was that even his Excellency, your boss, who had not committed any crime, could not trust it and the courts to protect him. He felt safer in the hands of the police of neighbouring countries.”

Yes, the Zimbabwe Republic Police was, in November 2017 when Mnangagwa escape to SA, and still is to this day a totally discredited institution.

But to suggest that Mnangagwa, of all people, “had NOT committed any crime” is a nauseating lie. The Police, Army, CIO, judiciary and all the other state institutions have all been corrupted by none other than Emmerson Mnangagwa himself. Throughout the Mugabe years, he was a senior member, second only to Mugabe himself, of the Joint Operation Command (JOC); the junta, that turned Zimbabwe into the de facto one party dictatorship.  

Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s chief enforcer for 37 years. He was the henchman behind the Gukurahundi massacre in the 1980s, which forced PF Zapu to sign the unity accord paving the way for the one-party dictatorship. He has boasted of being the one who saved Mugabe and Zanu PF from the humiliating electoral defeat in 2008. He forced ZEC to cook up the vote count to deny MDC victory and force the presidential run-off where he used wanton violence to secure a Mugabe victory.

Yes, Mnangagwa escape to SA fearing for his life. He did not trust some of his follow JOC members just as much as they feared for their own lives because they did not trust him. Such is the dog-eat-dog nature of Zanu PF, a party of ruthless thugs.

As it turned out, it was Mnangagwa and his Lacoste faction who prevailed. Mugabe was booted out of office in the November 2017 military coup. Justice George Chiweshe declare the coup “legal, justified and constitutional”!

Mnangagwa and his cronies went on to blatantly rig the July 2018 elections. A gaggle of braindead geese, masquerading as Constitutional Court judges, endorsed his elections regardless of the glaring flaws and illegalities in the election process.  ZEC had three different results which it could not verify because 10% or so of the V11 forms, summary of vote count at each polling station, were missing. And so each of the three teams had made up figures. ZEC had not followed the laid down counting procedure!

The whole election had gone ahead even though ZEC had failed to produce something as basic a verified voters’ roll; a legal and common-sense requirement.

Zimbabwe is in this economic mess and political paralysis because the country has had the great misfortune to be ruled by a corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and murderous regime for the last 40 years. Four decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption have left the economy in ruins.

Four decades of political oppression have forced most men and women with some common-sense and integrity to abscond from political activity, leaving the field open to corrupt and incompetent thugs. The scum of the earth!

“Instead of protecting the three young (MDC) women, appointees instead allowed the violation of their persons and their rights in the most despicable of ways. I therefore address you, your Excellency, not only as someone who lives in Zimbabwe, but as a woman, a mother to Zimbabwean children who include a daughter who could easily have been anyone of the three young women so despicably abused by agents of your appointees,” you have pleaded.

The tone of your letter suggests that Mnangagwa himself is clean and honourable and above ever committing such heinous crimes. As we all know, such flattery did not work with Mugabe; it will not work with Mnangagwa either! The abduction, vote rigging, murder, etc happened during his watch; he is responsible, more so when he is the principle political beneficiary of the crime. Period!

After 40 years of denying us our freedoms and rights, Mnangagwa now believes he not only has the right to rig elections but to abduct, rape, beat, murder anything to cow us into submission. He is chief instigator and beneficiary of all the political intrigue and criminal activities. The worst thing we can do is blame his subordinates, leaving T S Eliot’s “Macavity, the monster of depravity” to rig the next election and commit another crime.

Mnangagwa blatantly rigged the July 2018 elections, his regime has no mandate to govern, it is illegitimate and it must therefore step down. He and his subordinates must step down, that is not negotiable.

We need to allow appointment an interim administration whose task will be to implement the democratic reforms, to drain the country’s political sewage pond, so the nation can finally hold free, fair and credible elections.