Self-Declared Prophet Forces Self On Patient
20 May 2020
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A SELF-STYLED prophet from Mabvuku was yesterday sentenced to an effective seven years in prison with labour for raping his patient twice.

Harare regional magistrate, Mr Godwin Chizhande had initially slapped Allen Nyabereka (23) with 10 years imprisonment, but conditionally suspended three years
Nyabereka pleaded not guilty, but Mr Chizhande convicted him due to overwhelming evidence against him.

Charges against Nyabereka stemmed from an incident on May 29 this year when the 20-year-old complainant fell sick and decided to seek help from Nyabereka.

The complainant, who was in the company of her father and another relative, went to Nyabereka’s Mabvuku residence and found people queuing, waiting to be served.

They joined the queue and when their turn came, they went inside the house and Nyabereka ordered the complainant’s father and an accompanying relative to leave the room.
Nyabereka and the girl remained in the room and the door was closed as well as the windows.
The court heard that Nyabereka administered an ointment into the complainant’s nose and eyes and she felt dizzy, before losing consciousness.
Nyabereka stripped her before raping her.

When the complainant regained consciousness, she discovered that Nyabereka had raped her, but she was ordered to quickly dress up and wait outside for more rituals.

Nyabereka then served the last person in the queue and again called the girl into the room. He administered the same ointment again into her nose and she fell unconscious. While she was unconscious Nyabereka raped her again and dismissed her afterwards.

In mitigation, Nyabereka said he was a youthful first offender who was not married and deserved the lenience of the court.

The State has been tough on religious leaders or self-styled prophets found guilty of sexual offences, the crime is still being committed.

Sexual abuse is on the rise in modern prophetic churches as there is lack of structures to hold leaders accountable, and institutional systems tend to protect predators and harm victims.-State media