Chitungwiza Municipality Not Regretting Cutting Off Lifeline For Vulnerable People During Lockdown.
21 May 2020
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Chitungwiza municipal Town Clerk, Dr Tonderai Kasu has defended his council’s decision to block operations of a feeding scheme saying it was genuine and legitimate.

Samantha Murozoki has been providing food for vulnerable residents among them children however, council ordered her to stop forthwith as the programme did not meet council requirements.

In a statement Dr. Kasu said while they appreciate during these trying times she has to comply with Council By-laws.

“As a local authority, we appreciate her efforts and her noble intentions during these trying and difficult times for the community. We would like to thank Ms. Samantha Murozoki for the love and care that she has displayed for the affected members of the community when the nation is currently under lockdown.” said Kasu

He said the order to cease operations were made out of reasonable concerns in respect of public health.

“However, the order to cease operations was made on the basis of some genuine and legitimate concerns with respect to public health and public safety. For a start her operations were not registered with the council in accordance with the Chitungwiza Urban Council By-laws 1981 part II section 6 and she did not have municipal license for the operations she was conducting.

“An inspection was done by our City Health Department which revealed that her premises were unsuitable and fell short of the standards with respect to the requirements of municipal licensing of premises where such work is carried out” he added

Kasu said volunteers working at the premises did not have food handlers’ certificates and were not tested for Covid-19.

He said council looks forward to working with Murozoki and assist her to meet the required standards as she re-commences her operations.

More than 100 residents including children had been benefiting from the relief kitchen which was providing breakfast and supper for the vulnerable.