Opinion|”You Cannot Fight Mnangagwa With A Bible,” Chamisa Told
21 May 2020
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Nelson Chamisa

Knowledge Hakata|Sir you have become a Twitter President of which most of the people who are following you are in the diaspora the ones who did not vote for you.

We now need you to call for a Massive Civil Disobedience.

The 2.6 million ordinary Zimbabweans voted in order for you to lead them but you have failed dismally and you continue to fail every passing day.

Your party members continue to be brutalized, tortured and raped each day but you only reply to the pubic via twitter.

Zimbabweans needs a visionary leader who can take the bull with its horns, the typical of the late iconic leader Morgan Tsvangirai in his early days as the President of MDC.

You have the brains Mr. President but your procrastination to take on Zanu-PF is frustrating millions of Zimbabweans.

Zimbabweans still love you but they are now losing their patience on you because you are failing to take action.

I don’t mean to destroy or destabilize your party but your leadership qualities sucks big time, Zimbabweans have been waiting for a signal and millions of ordinary Zimbabweans are dying of hunger every day.

You have told your MPs to stay at home but what about the voters who voted for them, the ones that are languishing in poverty and hunger.

We cannot wait for the 2023 presidential elections knowing that Zanu-PF will trounce you again via rigging, please sir can you show us some iron balls, the position you are occupying doesn’t need a Twitter President at all cost.

Zimbabweans are working like donkeys especially in South Africa and majority of them they are backing you to give them a signal.

The economy is burning, people are dying everything in Zimbabwe is not just working at all and everyone’s hope is totally pinned on you Mr. President.

Mr. 2.6 million votes sir, you are becoming clear that you lack leadership qualities and the more you fail to take the lead the more the main opposition continues to die a natural death.

Look what is happening in your own house you are leading, they are untold divisions, while you should be focusing on removing idiots in Zanu-PF from power rather your own house is on fire.

Please Nelson Chamisa you need to show us the way, Zimbabweans are tired of the everyday life they are facing.

Mawhindi, kombi drivers, unemployed youths, the working class, those in the diaspora, those in rural areas and even me, we are all waiting for you to lead us into the streets of our motherland Zimbabwe

You cannot fight Mnangagwa with a Bible sir, those guys in Zanu-PF understands violence and let’s take them head-on

40 years later No electricity-No Clean Water-Women are being raped- People are being tortured

Youths are unemployed-No Pensions-No currency-NO EVERYTHING

Knowledge Hakata is the founder of Demos Cratos a Human Rights Organisation

Extracted from Byo24