Pick n Pay Employees Embarassed Over Sugar
21 May 2020
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Over 20 Pick n Pay Supermarket employees were on Wednesday embarrassed by Zupco inspectors in a fallout over sugar.

The Pick n Pay staffers, who are understood to be stationed at the Arundel branch , were pushed to the back of a queue by an unnamed Zupco inspector.

Initially they were accused of using fake numbers but it later emerged they were being punished for not helping the Zupco inspector access more packets of sugar than what every other customer  was getting.

When H-Metro arrived at the terminus, the workers were standing at the back after an  inspector told them not enter the bus over allegations of failing to provide sugar for them.

The workers  got to the Mt Pleasant bus terminus along Rezende Street as early as 6am and got numbers which were signed by an alleged inspector.

Efforts to get a comment from Zupco officials were futile yesterday.

“We arrived here as early as 6am since we start work na7.30.

“So this inspector abva atinyorera matickets tarisa rangu iri ritori number 19 but hona kwatokandwa.

“All these people vari pamberi pedu came after us.

“So we are failing to understand where we went wrong,” said one of the employees.

Asked on why the inspectors specifically were against Pick n Pay workers, another worker said.

“One of the inspectors said, makatinyima sugar, mungatipe two two chete, saka endai kumashure.

“Dzokerai kumashure, ibvai pamberi.

“So tashaya kuti zvikufamba sei.”

Another employee said they were embarrassed in front of many other commuters.

“Tanyadziswa, we were supposed to be at work by 7 am, but izvezvi atori ma1.

“Vamwe vatosvika pakuramwa vakadzokera kumba because we have been delayed.

“Tashaya kuti mhosva yedu ndeyeyi, because these receipts ndivo vasaina.

“So there was confusion isingaite , and until now we are confused,” said another female employee.

When the bus arrived, they were denied access and pushed to the back of the queue for allegedly having fake tickets.