Repent Now, Bishop Magaya Tells Mnangagwa, Senior Government Officials
21 May 2020
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Farai Dziva|Outspoken cleric, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya has called on “those in power to repent” and stop the persecution of citizens.

Below is Bishop Magaya’s bold statement:

View and judge evil in the light of high principles :my reading of the spirit of Beatrice Mtetwas open letter to the president and his top aids.

An open letter to President Mnangagwa written by Beatrice Mtetwa , a respectable leading human rights lawyer is as piercing as it is as satiric lash not only to the head of state ,but also to his wife Amai Auxillia whose “philanthropic”work has been dramatized in all public media,Her loud silence on the recent abduction and torture of Harare west member of parliament Joana and her two friends Cecillia and Netsai if juxtaposed along her “philanthropic”work makes a parody of her acts of charity.

The letter also appeals to those man and women i.e the likes of Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri who by the way is also married to a Bishop and therefore can be called “mai Bishop”to speak out against the latest abductions.

The letter is a gentle reminder to some comrades of how at some point they suffered persecution under the former President Mugabe and how they received a lot of support and solidarity from the lawyers and also civic society whom they earlier on used to vilify and labelled puppets. Matemadanda, Mahiya and others remember quite well how they were is saddening now to hear again Cde Matemadanda ridiculing the same civil society organizations because he now enjoys the comfort and the security that the state in the second republic offer him.

I remember clearly when we held public prayer meetings in Africa unity square,the week that followed the anti Mugabe march in 2017 that Cdes Mutsvangwa ,Matemadanda and Mahiya came to speak in solidarity with the gathering masses and the church that had been coordinating the prayer meetings.I remember clearly hearing them saying ,”Your war veterans will protect you from now on wards. I remember clearly one of them hugging me and saying,well done and thank you Bishop”.I also remember making a public demand during that week that the freedoms we were experiencing then were not supposed to be short lived.

What we have witnessed in the past two and a half years clearly points to the biblical truth that “the heart of man is deceitful above all things,it is desperately wicked.

and who can know it’? (Jeremiah 17 vs 9 ).It is tragic to speak it but true to say that the country has never moved in the positive from the Mugabe era.

Just to reiterate what my sister Beatrice wrote ,and taking it further ,persecution does not become wrong only when it happens to us ,or to people that we so much love,persecution does not only become real when it happens to you or to your beloved and become stage managed when you think you are safe because you and the persecutors will be one.Torture and abductions are real in Zimbabwe and they are evil ,and should be viewed as such.

When Linda Masarira was arrested and persecuted and imprisoned at Chikurubi in 2016 it was not stage managed.I remember going to see her and to pray with her.When Professor Madhuku was tortured and injured in March 2007,it was not stage managed,i went to pray with him when he was hospitalized at Avenues Clinic.I pray and hope that these two do not think sincerely that these tortures and abductions are stage managed.

I plead that we allow God to continually sensitize our conscience.It is dangerous to have your conscience seared with a hot iron.I am directing these to both those that abduct and torture as well as those that now sympathize with the torturers,God will not just judge those that commit acts of wickedness ,but those that approve of them(Rom 1 vs 32 ).

On the 28th of June 2016 at a press conference that we held as Zimbabwe Divine Destiny in commemoration of the UN International day against torture i warned not only those that authorized ,masterminded and executed torture,but also those that aided ,approved,sympathized with and found security in those who were at the helm of the system.

I remember clearly stating that Prof Jonathan Moyo,Kasukuwere,Chombo and even President Mugabe himself were not safe.We all know what happened .I firmly reiterate here on the basis of the integrity of the word of God and the Authority invested in the church,that not anyone among those at the helm of power now and their sympathizers are safe. Please repent

To the rest of the church and the masses of Zimbabwe ,God is building a movement of definers of historic transitions.Be part of it .Pray prophetically and most fervently.Speak against evil .

Push in labour pains the birthing of a new Zimbabwe.God save Zimbabwe.

Emmerson Mnangagwa