Chitungwiza Mayor Speaks On Samantha’s Soup Kitchen
22 May 2020
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Press Statement|This statement follows up on the public health letter given to the Manager of the soup kitchen in Chitungwiza, Samantha Muzoroki.

The public health officials wanted the soup kitchen, good as it is, to abide by the primary and environmental health requirements to assist the vulnerable without presenting a risk for COVID-19, or other disease spread given the high volumes of people being assisted.

Yesterday, I, as Mayor of the City of Chitungwiza visited the site where the soup team has been carrying out their good work. We agreed to have a meeting at our council offices today 22 May 2020.

As a council, we are alive to the plight of the people of our community and we are very appreciative of any resident’s initiative meant to cushion the needy at these trying times of the COVID-19.

As council, we are glad to be part of her philanthropic work and to that end, we offered the following:

a) a new place to operate from,

b) screen all food handlers and test them for COVID-19 and other various diseases

c) council security to ensure that people adhere to the pandemic regulations.

d) Assist in getting her welfare organization registered

As a City, we are proud to have and work with leaders and dreamers like Samantha.

We would like to also to salute all the well-wishers who have been assisting this noble cause.

We will do all it takes to support brilliant initiatives!