FULL TEXT- Chitungwiza Municipality Okays Feeding Kitchen
22 May 2020
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We are pleased to advise that Chitungwiza Municipality has authorized the reopening of the FEEDING KITCHEN run by our client Ms SAMANTHA MUROZOKI on strict terms enhancing our client’s compliance with legal and administrative requirements chief among which is the compulsory COVID 19 testing of all volunteers involved in providing our client’s service.

Our client is determined to work with both Council and the District Administrator to comply with these terms as soon as possible.

She continues to urge the beneficiaries to wear face masks, sanitize/wash hands and maintain strict social distancing during feeding times as directed by the Government.

We acknowledge the interventions of His Worship The Mayor and his team, including the Acting Town Clerk on one hand and the District Administrator on the other for a swift response.

We commend Government’s sensitivity to the suffering of the residents currently benefitting from our client’s services.

We advise the Public that Council has provided, free of charge, premises for our client to operate from, at least for the period the COVID 19 Prevention Regulations remain in force.

Additionally, Council has further offered Municipal Police to assist our client at the new premises.

We are instructed to assure the well-wishers, already on board and to appeal to new ones at home and abroad to lawfully support the kitchen whose beneficiaries as of Sunday 17th May 2020 numbered 1600 per day