Mutodi Dismissal Will Not Stop Harassment, Torture Of Citizens
22 May 2020
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By Blessing Simpson Madzima

There is nothing to celebrate nor to thank Mnangwagwa for dismissing Mutodi from the Deputy Minister position as many seem to suggest and start to be zealous about.

Mutodi was bringing the regime’s reputation into disrepute, so his dismissal only serves to the advantage of Mnangwagwa.

His dismissal won’t stop the brutality and victimisation of our people. It won’t stop abductions and raping of our women. Mutodi’s dismissal won’t change Mnangwagwa’s indecision and incompetence, it will not change the life of the generality of our society.

Mnangwagwa will remain a hindrance and an obstruction of our justice, freedom, development and our opportunities to prosperity.

What is there to celebrate for someone who unleashed thugs, murderers, rapists to go and abduct our female activists with an objective to victimise and degrade them as a tool to silence the nation. What is there to celebrate for someone who continues to humiliate the parents of the victims and mentally persecute the whole nation to submit to his illegitimacy. What is there to celebrate to a man who is showing no restraint nor remorse to the evils of his stupidity and thirsty for power.

What is there to celebrate for someone who has been consistent with a trend of leadership failures and degree of incompetence, that has destroyed the hope and opportunities of the whole of our nation. What is there to celebrate for a regime that doesn’t realise its a government and continues to execute its activities in the form of a terrorist group. What is there to celebrate for a President who blames a third force for abductions, machetes hooligans, gunning of citizens in the streets in day light time, and brutalising citizens whom he is obligated to protect but cannot use the resources at his disposal.

The only thing that is worth celebrating is for the Military to dismiss Mr Mnangwagwa and his cabinet and setup a Transitional Authority that will be assigned to rebuild our institutions and setup a roadmap and clear framework for a democratic revolution and election that will deliver a People’s government.

Anything short of that will not be desirable for a Transformative Zimbabwe and it’s societal freedoms.

I am certain there are many of our security personnel who are yearning for a functional Zimbabwe that we can all enjoy and crave to protect with patriotism and dignity, guided by our thirsty for our freedoms and liberties to participate in its infrastructure and development in an inclusive approach.

Our country has lost its identity and the rule of law. We are all at risk under the presiding of our affairs by Mr Mnangwagwa and his Cartel.

Our security personnel is being assigned to do illegal activities that are not obligated by our constitution.

Citizen’s relationship and trust with all our Security organs of government have been destroyed by Mr Mnangwagwa and his Cabal. It is time our military and other security sectors need to set precedence and take a decisive trajectory to protect our country and mitigate an imminent violence that is inevitable due to the brutality and victimisation of ordinary citizens who have benefited nothing from the December 2917.

It is my plea that all of us as Zimbabweans being guided by our history and our culture and our decision to go into a liberation war to fight colonialism was to overcome repression, inequality, degradation, segregation etc.

Mnangwagwa and his Cartel has brought us back to those memories and the magnitude of our suffering and persecution is making it an inevitable reality to stage a rebellion and inspire our people for a revolution.

This can be avoided if our security institutions refrain from being abused and take a centre stage to protect our sovereignty and our independence which includes our democracy and our freedoms.

Energy Mutodi