Pakistan Plane Crash: Dozens Killed As Jet Hits Homes In Karachi
22 May 2020
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AP|A Pakistani Passenger fright with more than 100 be on board that was coming from Lahore to Karachi has crashed on a residential area in the southern city of Karachi. 

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane was close to landing when it crashed on houses,sending a lot of smoke in the air which could be seen from a distance.Many houses have been reported to be destroyed by crash. 

No official word has been heard on the number of casualties. Local workers and local residents pulled people from the the crush .” Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar was quoted by The Associated Press as telling reporters that all those who had been on board the jetliner died in the crash, but there were conflicting reports about survivors. Some of the confusion was between casualties among those on the ground when the plane came down. A source at the airport said the pilot had informed the control tower that one of the plane’s two engines had failed. The control tower told the pilot that two runways were clear for landing, but air traffic control lost communication with the crew and the plane crashed shortly after.”

Other source have said that the crashed was by lack of fuel in it. 

Witness say they could see the airline plane having some problem landing before it crashed leaving many injured and dead.

This act of God has happened when the whole country is preparing to celebrate the end of Ramadhan festival and the end of al-Fitr, with many travelling to their home cities and villages. 

The flights resumed only days ago,after planes were grounded during a lockdown of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many leaders from Pakistan have sent their condolences to the family member who have lost their loved ones and to those who have lost properties