Thursday’s MDC-T National Council Was Another Mangoma Mandel Training Centre Meeting – Sen James Makore Declares.
22 May 2020
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Press Statement

Yesterday’s so called National Council Meeting was a non event.

Thus no longer the desired process. It would be a repeat of the disputed processes that happened on the 15th of February 2018 and the Biti Mangoma Ill Fated Mandel Meeting.

Any President to come should be born out of congress as per the legal and constitutional requirement.

It’s a major decision which is a mandate of the congress and not any other.
We are executives and council members of 2014,no one invited us to that council meeting.

If it’s selective then it’s not inclusive, hence not in keeping with the values of MDC.

Procedures to invite members to these meetings should be constitutionally bound.
Anything contrary to this is a nullity.

Sen James Makore
MDC Founding Member,
National Executive Member (2014 Structure)