“Engineer Mudzuri Has Betrayed Us”
23 May 2020
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21 May 2020

By Wezhira Munya

The MDC Alliance led by President Nelson Chamisa is consolidating its power and support in Masvingo Province.

The MDC T led by Khupe is busy in the courts trying to “steal” MDC Alliance party deployees -councillors, members of Parliament, senators and provincial council members.

Mr Farai Chinobva, MDC Alliance National organizing manager said: “MDC Alliance’s popularity is derived from the solid structures and supporters.

As a result, MDC Alliance leaders are on the ground interacting with the owners of the party- structures and supporters.”

Hardworking and energetic MDC Alliance National women assembly vice chairlady and proportional representative Mrs Mugidho and fearless MDC Alliance National youth member and councillor of ward 18, Mr Gilbert Mutubuki were facilitators of meeting in Zaka Central.

The Zaka Central MDC Alliance structures met at Jerera growth point for consultative meeting.

At this meeting, the following MDC Alliance leaders attended: Zaka central district leadership, current councillors and shadow councillors and former senator Mr Marava.

In addition, MDC Alliance 2014 district structures also attended this crucial meeting.

MDC T led by Khupe-Mwonzora-Komichi and Mudzuri were rejected by the majority of MDC Alliance Zaka Central leaders and supporters.

Former MDC Aliance Zaka central member of parliament and Former Masvingo MDC Alliance provincial spokesperson Mr Harrison Mudzuri said:

“Zaka Central constituency is where Senator Mudzuri comes from. Naturally, it is expected that Senator Mudzuri of MDC T led by Khupe will have majority support from the structures in Zaka Central.

However, from the meeting and other surveys done in Zaka Central it is clear that senator Mudzuri has been rejected by his colleagues.

Yes, there are very few people who still support Senator Mudzuri and his MDC T led by Khupe.”

Mr Harrison Mudzuri and senator Mudzuri are related.

Most people in Zaka Central feel betrayed by Senator Mudzuri after he disassociated himself from MDC Alliance led by President Chamisa.

Mr Mudzuri is a senator in Parliament because of the votes got by President Chamisa during 2018 harmonised elections.

Former MP Harrison Mudzuri vowed to stand with President Nelson Chamisa and the MDC Alliance political party.

Khupe, Mudzuri, Komichi and Mwonzora political losers:

Senator Mudzuri’s political misfortunes started in 2011 when he was thoroughly beaten by President Chamisa for national organizing post. In 2018, senator Mudzuri chickened out of primary elections after sensing defeat. However, President Chamisa through his love appointed him senator. In 2019 MDC Alliance congress senator Mudzuri contested for vice president’s post. He was heavily defeated and got 53 votes. These were the lowest votes got by any individual in the history of MDC Alliance National congresses. The question is, does senator Mudzuri has the capacity to be president.

Khupe on got 45 000 votes nationally as MDC T president during 2018 harmonised elections.

Senator Komichi was also defeated at MDC Alliance 2019 national congress as vice president.

MDC Alliance members in 2019 Gweru congress rejected senator Mwonzora as Secretary General. Senator Mwonzora was walloped by MDC Alliance Secretary General Charlton Hwende.

Proportional Representative Mugidho emphasised “the issue of unity and support behind MDC Alliance President Chamisa and party. In addition, on supreme court judgement, l want to inform you that the judgement informed MDC T led by Khupe to hold its congress. MDC Alliance was not party of the judgement. Therefore, MDC Alliance members and leaders will not attended MDC T Khupe congress. MDC Alliance held its legal and successful congress in Gweru, 2019.”

Former Senator and seasoned politician Mr Marava said, “I support President Chamisa and the MDC Alliance.”

On the other hand, MDC Alliance Zaka Central district chairperson and ward 19 Zaka central councillor Imbayarwo said, “l won 2018 because of the popularity of MDC Alliance party and President Nelson Chamisa. I vow to stand with Pres. Chamisa and l am willing to be recalled by MDC T led by Khupe. “

Chairperson councillor Imbayarwo encouraged MDC Alliance members not to depend on fake news that donated him to Mudzuri faction.

In addition, Mrs Chawatama of Ward 6 said “the women assembly in Zaka Central will not join MDC T led by Khupe.”

Lastly, current MDC Alliance Zaka Central treasurer chair Mr Chongore said, ” I will not be part of the extraordinary congress which is being planned by MDC T led by Khupe. I whole heartedly recognize the MDC Alliance President Chamisa and MDC Alliance party leadership.”

Councillor Mutubuki and proportional representative Mrs Mugidho clearly stated that they are not afraid of recalls by MDC T Khupe led Secretary General Mwonzora.

All is not well in MDC T Khupe faction, Senator Mudzuri has described senator Mwonzora as “trigger happy” after he recalls four MDC Alliance members.

On the other hand, MDC T acting president Khupe and senator Komichi are at loggerheads after senator Komichi told Dr. Khupe to withdraw from POLAD.

Elias Mudzuri