Cleric Warns Mnangagwa Against Tormenting Innocent Souls
7 June 2020
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Farai Dziva|Bishop Ancelimo Magaya has described the country’s leadership as wicked.

Bishop Magaya also condemned the harassment of MDC Alliance leaders following the grabbing of Harvest House by Thokozani Khupe.

See Bishop Magaya’s statement :

The God of regime change is watching and will judge.

“Can wicked rulers be aligned with you, those who frame injustice using the law? They band together against life of the righteous and condemn the innocent to death, but the Lord has become my stronghold, and my God the rock of refunge.

He will bring back on them their inequality, wipe them out of their wickedness. The Lord our God will wipe them out” ( Psalm 94 vs 20-23 ).

The foregoing portion of scripture succinctly captures God’s heart and word in this season. As the church is called upon to pray prophetically it is my deep conviction that the prayers should not just be the usual pious like, lacking in specifics and substance. The church should pray in the light of this portion of scripture. Please note the guidelines as given by the scriptures in the quoted passage.

1. Wicked rulers have no capacity to align with God, and conversely God can not fellowship with them.

You do not have to love Nelson Chamisa or to hate Mnangangwa for you to see this truth that our leaders are wicked and are failing to align themselves with God.
2. They use the law to frame injustice, or mischief.

Events that are ongoing are a clearest evidence of a rogue state who craft laws for purposes of driving their own interests as they get into an overdrive of suppressing the people that think differently. The arrest of Tendai Biti and his fellow leaders for allegedly violating lockdown regulations, whilst others are allowed unfettered access to their supporters is just one of many examples of governments abuse of law.
3. Divine verdict is clear from the psalmist.

God will wipe them always! I am strongly persuaded that God has rejected this system and as the church, inkeeping with their prophetic mandate to the nations praise forthrightly for Gods judgement and faithfulness to this word and I mean that which you have just read afore, God will cause that word to come to fruition. Join me in this prayer now :” Oh Lord the faithful and awesome God in whom we put all our trust and in whom all power is reposed, in accordance with your word which says because the wicked rulers do not align with you, and therefore you can not fellowship with them. They craft injustice and mischief using the law. See what they do to your people.

See how they lie! See you they are deceitful and desperately wicked! See how they are flourishing in corruption !

Lord, in the Name of Jesus, judge them and bring to effect your word, which when sent it will not come back void. We decree the coming to an end of their rule. You are the God of regime change! In the Name of Jesus we pray”

And may all Gods people say Amen!

May God bless you and continue praying accordingly.