Mnangagwa Has Become A Threat To Interests Of Sovereign Zim: Biti
8 June 2020
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By Own Correspondent|Opposition MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti has laid into President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying he has become a threat to vital interests of the country.

In a Twitter thread, Biti said during Mnangagwa’s reign, freedoms, decency, human rights and livelihood of citizens among other things has come under threat.

He urged citizens to converge and fight the Mnangagwa administration.

“The country has gone full circle in the last 30 months . Under Emmerson Zim has become an unstable republic with Emmerson himself being a threat to the vital interests of sovereign Zimbabwe. Every facet our lives , our freedoms & human rights , our livelihoods & economy, our decency ,our conscience , even our constitution has come under severe threat in the artificial facade of Emmerson s State.The social contract is broken .The human spirit is broken. It is urgent that we converge and defend ourselves against the menace that Emmerson represents

“That Emmerson must go is a shared unconstested view. What is not shared is methodology & the future .We must avoid Nov 2017 Lawlessnes begets unlawful outcomes .The NTA created by converged Zimbabweans is the only way forward . It gives Zim a chance & allows much needed time out,” said Biti.