Shock As Magafuli Declares That Tanzania Has Overcome The Coronavirus
8 June 2020
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Tanzania’s President Magufuli declares Tanzania Coronavirus free. He thanked Tanzanians for complying with his guidelines and says prayers helped according.

Magufuli has been sparked with controversy since they outbreak of Covid-19 hit the country. He made headlines by refusing to close churches saying that God’s people would never contract the virus.

Two weeks ago Tanzania had 509 active coronavirus cases with 21 deaths but Magafuli said there were only four patients receiving treatment in the biggest city of the African country.

Magafuli believes the virus was eliminated by God who saved the whole country from dying due to the pandemic.

Magafuli is one of the President’s whose countries received treatment from Madagascar but it is not mentioned whether the “cure” has contributed to “eliminating the virus” from the country.

But people are demanding to see the data that prove his claims.

“You don’t declare a country Corona free by just standing on podiums and saying so.Where is the data?”