Woman Stabs Lover For Buying Mealie Meal Ahead Of Beer
8 June 2020
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By A Correspondent- In a heart-shattering development, a South African man met his demise at the hands of his live-in lover after an altercation over beer money. The incident occurred in KwaThema township, East Rand, on Wednesday.

The deceased, Veli Mahlangu,40, succumbed to stab wounds administered by his lover, whose identity has not been disclosed. This was allegedly after the pair had gotten into an altercation over money for liquor.

What is reported to have sparked the wrangle is that Mahlangu bought a large amount of mealie-meal and had left money insufficient to purchase beer.

In an interview with SowetanLive, the couple’s neighbour revealed that he heard noises coming from the couple’s room, with the girlfriend demanding money for alcohol.

He added that she lambasted Mahlangu for buying a big pack of mealie meal when they did not have beer to drink. Mahlangu’s girlfriend blew a gasket and stabbed him with a knife. 

In vain, Mahlangu tried to flee with his girlfriend in hot pursuit. She caught up with him and stabbed him several times until he died.

A neighbour who witnessed the fracas said that the accused had threatened Mahlangu with death over the issue. ‘Because Veli was a down to earth man who did not like violence, he just came to chill with us outside and we calmed him down. He went back to the room an hour later, hoping she had calmed down.

“I heard a noise again and then he came out of the room. He looked weak and was holding his chest. Before we could get to him, we saw him running out of the yard with his girlfriend chasing him with a knife. She stabbed him twice more in the chest, once in the neck and in his back.’ the neighbour said.

Another neighbour said Mahlangu collapsed on the pavement near his home.

“I watched him run in my direction. I walked towards him but when I got to him, he was already on the ground and was bleeding profusely and he was running out of breath,” he said.

Gauteng police spokesperson Mavela Mason confirmed the incident.