System Tazvida’s Widow Opens Up On S_ex Predators
9 June 2020
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System Tazvida and Barbara Mabuyaye

By A Correspondent- Barbara Mabuyaye, widow to the late Fanuel “System” Tazvida, says the wound is still fresh 21 years after her husband’s death, adding that she also has to fend off men who pester her for s_ex.

System died on February 4, 1999, and ever since his death, a series of commemorations have been held.

Sadly, most of them have never lived to expectations befitting the late singer.

The celebrations have over the years being rocked by the bickering in the family and greed among some of the most vocal Tazvida family members.

As we reflect on Tazvida’s music legacy, his widow Barbara who has endured a lot after the late Chazezesa Challengers leader’s death, opened up on a number of issues.

These ranges from her being love sick, pressure to handle sex predators, life as a  ‘hustler’  to the need to work hard and the pledge of loyalty she made to the departed Tazvida.

“The wound is still fresh and it feels like yesterday as we remember my late husband,” said Barbara.

“During this time of year, I used to start receiving gifts from my husband who didn’t want to see me struggling.

“However, his music still comforts me and I can also relate well with widows of other late musicians in my situation.”


Asked how she finally accepted the reality that Tazvida is gone, she said:

“I still keep the promise I made to him – loyalty. I still stay at the same house we used to share in Unit N.

“I get all the strength I need when my spirits are down by staying in the same house we used to share together.

“I still have some of the good photos we had together and some of the presents System gave to me.”

  • KIDS

Sadly, when Tazvida joined the great band in the sky, he didn’t leave any children.

“We stayed together for 10 years but we were yet to be blessed with children.

“It’s not easy for any woman in the world to be in my situation but these are some of the life situations we have learn to accept,” she said.

Barbara said despite living and looking after a big extended family, she never heard reports of System’s secret love children.

“I have never received such reports because my husband was straight.

“If he had any shenanigans, these kids might have surfaced in the past 21 years he died.

“Anyway, I wouldn’t want to dwell much on that since we have other serious issues at hand.”


Barbara who still looks as fresh as ever at 48 said he was not spared by perverts.

She, however, said he has a way to kill off their hopes.

“What I admit happens to me regularly is that there are men who love me for s_x because of my looks and everything,

“However, I make sure that I don’t give in to them easily because I still value myself.

Kunyenga ndinonyengwawo, ndinenge ndichinyepa kana ndikasadaro,” she said.


Barbara who was reportedly married to a close relative to her late husband yesterday cleared the air.

“Like I said before, I was never married to anyone and that story of King Tazvida being my cultural husband (murume wenhaka in vernacular) were all wrong.

“I don’t even know what was their motive with one of your reporters when he wrote that story.

“Maybe he wanted to hype his album which he was launching but I never got married to anyone and I don’t think.”

When further quizzed on whether the family once proposed that she gets a cultural husband, she became evasive.

“Well, there are some issues which I am not comfortable to say because I have stayed with some of my relatives for over 20 decades.

“It would be unfair to expose some of the family secrets and I will take them to the grave to safeguard my life.

“I think every family has its own secrets and exposing them would be a great unfair to those who told you so.

“But what I can tell you is that I was never married and didn’t attempt to get married.”


Despite spending the great part of his life entertaining perverts in the back of beyond, Tazvida had a different personality altogether.

“My husband was different person from the one who sang those not and blunt lyrics.

“Of course some might think that he did some of the things he sang in most of his tracks but System was a different person altogether.

“He was a cool guy, humble and loving. He would not argue with anyone at hoe but he wanted things done in a proper manner.

“During his spare time, he would hang around with soccer player in his team called Chazezesa Pirates.

“However, the team disbanded and I hear some of them joined Buymore FC (now defunct) among other premier sides and lower leagues.

“In his spare time, played social soccer for fun and not as a professional.

“That’s all I can say about his personality.


Despite being pampered with everything she wanted by the late System, Barbara is a hard worker.

“System taught me to work hard and I used to be a cross border even before his death.

“I sell cosmetics that I supply to my clients in town; I don’t want to be always begging.

“Of course there are royalties I used to receive but our economy is performing badly,” she said.

As they remember Tazvida, all was not rosy for Barbara who could not raise money to lay wreaths and flowers on Tazvida’s grave in Unit L.

“I last laid flowers last year but this year I am really struggling; life has not been for me,” she said.