“Zanu Pf Declaring War On It’s Citizens”
9 June 2020
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By Fanuel Chinowaita- The captured judiciary and the unconstitutional attack on MDC Alliance is a clear declaration of armed struggle.

Zanu Pf led government has clearly shows that it is not ready to follow the Constitution of the people. It has continued to persecute a people’s but yet the economic situation of Zimbabwe is suffering.

Soldiers and police leading the exercise of taking an Opposition Head Quarters, giving it to another opposition is the best exhibit to show that Thokozani Khupe,  Douglas Mwonzora, Morgan Komichi, Elias Mudzuri and others of the so called MDC T are real agents of Zanu pf.

The Opposition has splitted but we have never seen this before. Those who went away never involved the army to fight on their side.

To those who thought Khupe and Mwonzora’s fight were to liberate Zimbabwe,  the truth has come out. It’s now clear that they are working with Zanu pf to destroy MDC.

Zanu pf led government has totally lost in what to prioritize. It is majority on minor things which will lead to its death.

If Zanu pf wanted to destroy MDC, it was supposed to work for the betterment of the Country. It was supposed to do the opposite of wgat it is doing right now.

It was supposed to show people that Mnangagwa administration is different to Mugabe administration. It was supposed to genuinely show that it is sorry for Gukurahundi and compensate the Ndebele people.

It was supposed to ask for forgiveness for the killing of Opposition members in the year 2000, 2001 and 2008. It was supposed to say sorry and do something for Murambatsvina. It was supposed to bring forward the abductors arrest them and end abduction. It was supposed to say good by to Indiginisation, poverty, unemployment.

It was supposed to stop persecuting MDC Leaders, arresting them, torturing them.

Well, the evidence is now there, to those who said give ED chance, ED failed to utilize the chance. He is majoring on minor things which will not Zimbabwe an inch ahead. ED is a failure therefore he has to go now.

MDC Alliance and other progressive citizens must be bold enough to remove a failed government. We did hushtags, demonstrations, statements, courts but all have failed. We tried to be nice but the government gripped us with an iron hand.

It’s either suffer continues or we take up arms against the dictator. Zanu pf government draw the first blood. The war has been declared. It has to be shown.

#People Power!!!