“Leave Chamisa Alone”
10 June 2020
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Farai Dziva|Veteran journalist Stanley Gama has challenged Emmerson Mnangagwa to concentrate on feeding millions of hungry Zimbabweans, instead of fighting tooth and nail to destroy the MDC Alliance.

Gama argued:
“Is it a coincidence that
lawyer, Thabani Mpofu is not appearing in court, suddenly pple are no longer being denied access to the city centre? Is the regime so scared of Chamisa? What has changed between those 2 days last week and today?

while your regime is concentrating on fighting @nelsonchamisa
the situation for the pple has gone from bad to worse. Instead of wasting time, resources and energy on Chamisa, please focus on feeding the pple, the majority of whom can’t afford one meal a day.”

“Mr President, everyone is now a pauper, govt workers, soldiers, police, workers in the private sector, the informal sector. Pple are scavenging for food like baboons. When pple start saying Mugabe was far better, you shld take heed and concentrate on their needs not Chamisa.

have you sat down to think abt all those leaked documents around your family. It’s not Chamisa who is doing this. Its the pple around you. It is up to you Mr President to find out whats happening. And I repeat, the people are not happy, they are suffering.

the way you are using Zanu PF and the state machinery to try and deliver the MDC’s over 2 million votes to Zanu PF will backfire. You have betrayed the pple all because you have been promised a Ministerial post in the so called unity govt they say you will be part of?

are u not scared of riding a tiger? When in 2015, Tsvangirai told me that you had sold out to
he was 100% correct. Now you go to his grave for rituals. You have sold him out and you know it. But pple are not fools and history will judge you!”

Advocate Chamisa