Mnangagwa’s ‘Daughter’ Steals USD37K
11 June 2020
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Human chameleon Chirambe Chikafu armed with four different ID cards and a fake address allegedly passed herself off as “Chantelle Mnangagwa” daughter of the President, to defraud CBZ of US$37 000, plus interest, and the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority of a gold claim.

When she appeared before Harare Magistrate Victoria Mashamba yesterday, yet another identity appeared as she assured the court that she was really “Chantelle Chikafu Mnangagwa” and was actually only a niece of the President.

She told the court that she lost her national identification card. Ms Mashamba agreed that bail was inappropriate as there was a real possibility Chikafu could disappear into yet another identity and remanded her in custody until 23 June on two counts of fraud.

Chikafu (44) of Tynwald South was not asked to plead. State counsel Mr Lancelot Mutsokota opposed bail saying she was using four different national identification particulars and if released on bail, Chikafu could manufacture yet more IDs and commit more offences.

“According to police investigations, accused has four IDs she is using including the name Chantelle Mnangagwa. She was also fined $6 000 on a previous conviction in Mount Darwin. She had given the police the address of 4099 Tynwald South in Harare, but she had left those premises three years ago and the stand is now a private college.

“Bearing in mind that she has four IDs she is using, she will manufacture false documents and had the propensity to commit similar offences while linking herself to the President, whereas her name is Chirambe Chikafu. The cellphone she provided, 0772 289 977 is registered in the name of one Chantelle Chikafu. This also shows that she uses various alias,” said the prosecutor.

Prosecutor Mutsokota told the court that there are 10 witnesses who will testify on how she committed the offences.

In her response through her lawyer, Chikafu told the court that she was actually the daughter of President Mnangagwa’s elder brother, Partson Mnangagwa, and he had deposed an affidavit in court asserting that he was her father.

She was facing a plethora of civil suits at the High Court and on Friday last week she filed an urgent chamber application against the termination of gold mining contract with the National Parks and Wildlife Authority. On Monday, the chamber application was served on ZimParks and within two hours, she was called to come and see the director-general of ZimParks.

“That was when she was ambushed and arrested, as if she was on the run. This was made to make count two,” the defence told the court.

Chikafu told the court that a miner, John Maungwa caused her arrest, following misunderstandings on boundaries to their gold claims.

“There was a Government facility where youths would get loans during the time of former minister Saviour Kasukuwere.”

She obtained a loan and when she failed to pay the loan an agreement was made with Zimbabwe Asset Management Corporation. Later the loan was paid in full,” she said.

The court was given an outline of the State case. In 2010, she approached CBZ and tried to open an account using a defensive driving certificate as identity. The bank wanted a real ID and said no, but she allegedly connived with CBZ employee Lilian Mateta, who processed the account without the needed ID.

In February 2011, Chikafu, while using the name Chantelle Mnangagwa, received a US$2 000 overdraft.

In August 2011, she was lent another US$15 000 after submitting a Deed of Transfer she allegedly stole from her mother, Grace Chikafu. On September 12, 2012, she received a US$20 000 loan and failed to repay accruing a US$88 775 debt in the process, including interests.
On November 19, 2019 Chikafu is said to have approached Nyasha Mutyambizi and passed herself as Chantelle Mnangagwa. She allegedly sought an agreement to mine in Umfurudzi Safari Area and tendered a fake ID.

The Parks and Wildlife Management reportedly consented and issued the agreement. With that piece of paper she approached the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development seeking a special gold mining grant for 200 hectares in the reserved area.
The special grant was granted in December 2019. It was later discovered that the mine site that was granted to her belonged to John Maungwa. Herald/state media