Response to London NGO Paper With Mnangagwa Celebrating Saying Zim Govt Has Killed No-one Since 2005-20 | FULL TEXT
11 June 2020
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By Editorial Moderators | Thank you Dona. One major problem is none of your findings appear important to the Zimbabwean people, contrary to what you said above. Why did you exclude questions such as:

  1. Does repealing the death penalty change anything in Zimbabwean day to day life?
  2. Does repealing the Death Penalty improve respect for the sanctity of human life in Zimbabwe?
  3. Does removing the Death Penalty mean the govt now upholds the sanctity of life?
  4. Is the govt sincere by repealing the Death Penalty or they are just playing public relations games while continue to kill people daily?

Without addressing these questions which you can easily obtain in a day online, your paper is meaningless, and only serves as campaign material for Emmerson Mnangagwa, a man who has announced that he will send the army after civilians once he suspects they are responsible for stopping the rain. (3rd Jan 2020, Harare), and whose record of extra judicial killings of black citizens has surpassed that of apartheid South Africa.

There are several UN investigations done to date, the last one published as late as yesterday. – ZimEye