“Zanu Pf Is Captured By A Wealthy Cabal”: Former Zanu Pf Stalwart Tears Into ED
11 June 2020
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By A Correspondent- Former Zanu PF youth league official Godfrey Tsenengamu has made claims that Zanu PF is captured by wealthy benefactors and they are no longer keen to fight corruption.

Tsenengamu said the ruling party’s top officials have received top of the range vehicles for the “wealthy benefactors” and they cannot go against their sponsors:

The majority of them are getting salaries from these wealthy benefactors, they are given cars and the fuel they use. How do you expect people to go against someone who is sponsoring them

Tsenengamu also said the whole system in Zanu PF was made up of looters:

It is not about the whole party, it is about a clique of people who are in the leadership, who instead of being leaders, they have turned themselves into looters. Whenever you challenge looting, you are always going to face the music whenever you challenge corruption. Because corruption is in their DNA, they will deal with you

He also went on to sensationally claim that President Mnangagwa was an accomplice to all the corruption that was happening around him:

I would not want to say President Mnangagwa is corrupt or not, but what I can say is, in one way or the other, the President is an accomplice in all the corruption that is happening around him. He has failed to act decisively and he finds himself in the company of those who are corrupt all the time. He appointed a commission to investigate internal allegations of corruption but it suffered a stillbirth up to now

However, Zanu PF through Victor Matemadanda dismissed Tsenengamu’s claims and said:

Those are lies. What happens if I show you evidence that I bought my car? I have the papers of that car and I keep them because I know that some people are going to make these allegations

Tsenengamu was suspended earlier this year for naming and shaming corrupt individuals he said were wreaking havoc in the economy.