Zimbabweans Prepared A Bed And They Must Lie On It
11 June 2020
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By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo ( PhD)

In 1980, there appeared a man from nowhere who was no near leadership, rose from SG position to become the leader of Zanu sidelining the prospective candidate who was Ndabaningi Sithole and others who were next in line. Zimbabweans accepted it and eventually he became the Prime Minister and thereafter, subsequently, he was elevated to the post of the President. Who was the aide to Mugabe during those days? There was tension between Zanu PF and Zapu, and Mugabe could not see eye to eye with Joshua Nkomo, which led to massacres in Matebelaland, popularly known as Gukurahundi, which led to butchering of more than 20 000 civilians under the disguise of restoration of order and peace. Perence Shiri, Mnangagwa and others were holding key state positions. The rest is now under water the bridge. After that, still Zimbabweans accepted the situation, although there was no closure to the events leading to the loss of lives, the very same people were awarded with key positions and today some are ministers, some are occupying key state roles in the security establishment, and we have Emmerson Mnangagwa at the helm of our country. In 1997, we had War veterans and collaborators who came out guns blazing demanding something because they went to war led by popular and notorious charlatan Chenjerai Hunzvi, and he was successful, and War Vets were awarded $50 000 each, money which was not on the budget. According to the then Minister of Finance, the money was not even on the supplementary budget, forcing the treasury to go out of it’s way to borrow funds to facilitate this deal. Zimbabweans were watching, and it was actually them who celebrated on thw streets, squandering such leverages, some took to beerhalls, some night clubs, some multiplying concubines, and the rest is history. The very same group led to farm invasions leading to a chaotic land reform, and Mugabe and Mnangagwa were the chief architect of this land grabbing throughout the country leading to poverty increase and threats to food security within the southern region. Zimbabwe was known to be a breadbasket within Southern Africa, and Agriculture contributed 60% towards our Gross Domestic Product ( GDP). Zimbabweans believed in everything and actually there were on the forefront of the invasions, and today those farms have dogs and cats and use of catapults, the rest is history. During this period, Zimbabwe started importing wheat and other cereal crops from outside to sustain our situation which was fast becoming similar that of Democractic Republic of Congo ( DRC). During those days Kabila and Mugabe developed a relationship which led to our soldiers dying in the Democratic Republic of Congo, during the war whilst minerals and particularly alluvial diamonds were at the centre of the conflict. Mnangagwa was part of the team that endorsed the DRC conflict, and Zimbabweans remained spectators in all such incidents, and majority perished in the post – conflict era. Who benefited from the conflict? As a result people ended up losing their relatives and resources to support a one mand band in the disguise of assisting foreign lands which were under attack.

In 2008, the then President Robert Mugabe lost elections to the late MDC leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai resulting to second round popularly known as ” run off”, some they call it short sleeves or long sleeves. The then Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa was assigned by Mugabe to go and stand in for him at a SADC meeting in Zambia, when the former Vice President Joice Mujuru was the most senior person to him. This led to a Government of National Unity ( GNU), Mugabe became the President and Tsvangirai occupied the Premier role resulting in a fragile unity arrangement for five years. Before the signing of the MOU and the GPA agreement, it was actually Tsvangirai who flew to Botswana to hide there for almost 6 weeks at the heighten of butchering of innocent civilians. People had voted for a new Government, and why did they accept a GNU? Why did Tsvangirai accept the signing of MOU? Why did he flee to Botswana, when State House was actually 100 metres away from him ? Let’s lie on the bed. We must accept and take responsibility of such torrid times. Where on earth have you found the winner accepting a junior role in any settlement to please the loser? Who led the butchering of innocent lives during the 2008 madness? The rest is history. After the signing of GNU, and the introduction of US dollar, there was jubilation with the same Zimbabweans, they were alover flattering and endorsing the same arrangement. This was coup to the people and the will of the people was never respected.

During the GNU, who became the Lawyer to Gideon Gono the then Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe? It was actually Biti the then Minister of Finance and respected Secretary General of the Movement for Democratic Change who insisted that we must not enter into GNU with Mugabe, the tyranny will fall within a short space of time. There was no option except to enter into the shaky arrangement.

During Edison Zvobgo, the then Minister of Justice and Minister without portfolio is the one who masterminded the amendment of key clauses in the constitution resulting in more powers to the Executive President, I guess he was promised that he will be next in line or successor after the departure of Robert Mugabe, and this never happened. Zvobgo was relegated and later dismissed from the Government, but unfortunately the constitution was already in place, and Mugabe had all the Executive powers. The rest is history.

Within Zanu PF we witnessed the Tsholotsho declaration led by Jonathan Moyo and Emerson Mnangagwa, popularly known as Dinyane fiasco which Mugabe got to know first hand information few days before their convention. The alleged toppling of Mugabe led to more than 6 chairpersons losing their positions in the ruling party. The same Jonathan Moyo we have on twitter today was the mastermind of the alleged Tsholotsho declaration which saw the former Minister of Information and Mnangagwa being demoted from Government. Subsequently, there was a fall out with their master Robert Mugabe.

In 2014, the then Minister of Water and bla bla, was elevated to the post of Vice President. Mugabe went round the country claiming that in his dreams, he saw a woman, and he repeatedly said ” this time it’s a woman”. Guess who accepted this? Zimbabweans were on the forefront of it, and there was a lot of jeering from all corners and mostly Zanu PF supporters, we call this ” kuitiswa”.

When Mugabe played his games, Mujuru was kicked out of both Government and ruling party, and she went into political hibernation, and this resulted in Amai Grace Mugabe and others fronting Mnangagwa to be Vice President and subsequently Dr Amai the Women’s league Boss. The Mande Chimenes and Jonathan Moyo and others were alover heaping praises to the first family and throwing insults alover. Mnangagwa fell out in favour of his boss and his long time friend, and he was fired from Government, with a number of charges laid against him. He had no option except to escape the country. I remember Kasukuwere the then Minister of Youth, and the Zanu PF Commissariat gagged ED calling him a boarder jumper after he escaped from the ruthless state machinery which were swarming alover him.

Shortly before the sacking of the Veep, his dismissal from both Government and ruling party was widely endorsed by all the entire 10 provinces leading to the ouster of Emerson Mnangagwa. The same 10 provinces endorsed the coming back of the same Emerson Mnangagwa as the New leader of Zanu PF. Same structures, same people, same regalia, same building, same logo and same official stamp?? Zimbabweans do we really know what we want ???

Shortly before the bouncing back of Mnangagwa, there was wide speculation that he fled the country through eastern borders of Mutare – Mozambique where he actually walked and toiled the whole night with Emmerson ” Junior” raising fear of his safety on the landmines. Zimbabweans felt sorry for him and messages started pouring in wishing him well. I remember Larry Mavhima penned a letter wishing him well and assuring the nation that he was well.

I spoke to a number of Zanu PF officials during that period who lamented the departure of Mnangagwa and they were hopeful that Mugabe would be ousted to pave way for the former Minister of Defence and Justice.

When Mugabe was kicked out of power, majority of people walked to town, and there was jubilation and the CBD was packed and they shouted ” ngaaende”, resulting in his sad departure asante sana and resigning. Zimbabweans had none of it and they threatened to evict him from his Borrowdale mansion popularly known as ” Blue Roof”. Whom did they want? They wanted Shumba murambwi, Emmerson Mnangagwa popularly known as Garwe. It was during the heighten of the military coup, we witnessed placards and portraits of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga doing rounds alover, kutonga kwaro gamba. Today we are in this mess because of the popular march which led to Mugabe’s ouster. Who marched? Lest you forgot?

Advocate Chasi, the then Deputy Minister who was active on social media particularly the tweeter and many gave him this name ” Chasi chibaba chibabest”, heaping praises on the Energy Minister and this resulted in the elevation of Chasi to the role of Energy which is in charge of all power parastatals and boards. Simply because of those tweeter rants, we witnessed Zimbabweans opening pages inscribed ” Chasi for 2023, and the listening President appointed him to the role of a full cabinet Minister. Today. The very day when Chasi became the Energy Minister, he called for the imminent arrest of Wicknell Chivhayo who defrauded the state more than 7 Million United States Dollars ( USD). A surprise u turn today the same Chasi is now protecting the same character. My question is who heaped praises on Advocate fortune Chasi?? Zimbabweans !!!

When Mnangagwa bounced back after the politburo and central committee of Zanu PF agreed that he must be reinstated as the New leader of Zanu PF and State, Zimbabweans endorsed him, and the popular song ” mudhara achauya”, was popular during those days leading to his arrival at the Robert Mugabe International Airport.

The gigantic stadium had an overflow and there were fears of a possible stampede, all wanted to witness a new President from mars whom they had never seen in their lifetime, amongst them was the then Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, the Alliance MDC President Nelson Chamisa and amongst other top opposition leaders, and this was a sign that Mnangagwa from mars was widely endorsed.

Few days ago I was watching the photos of Tsvangirai and Chamisa hugging each other at the national sports stadium. I also went through same shootings at Tsvangirai residence when the then Vice President Nelson Chamisa and other top MDC officials welcomed Mnangagwa and Chiwenga at the former Premier’ s residence at number 7 Kew Drive Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe. Where is the problem now? Everything was in order !!!

The then Deputy Minister of Information Energy Mutodi mocked the public in 2016/7 holding a mug inscribed ” I’m the boss” , at Mnangagwa’ s farm in Kwekwe during Mugabe’s annual leave, celebrating the elevation of ED as the Vice President and possible successor, and I guess people like Energy knew the whole deal and possible take over. Mutodi escaped from the jaws of the lion when we witnessed his persecution and arrests at the hands of Mugabe’s vicious state machinery, many Zimbabweans sympathized with him leading to his elevation as the Deputy Minister. There is Energy now claiming Joanna Mamombe was not abducted , there was a row deal between herself and client which did not go well claimed the Goromonzi South legislator. There was an outcry on social media and throughout the country leading to his sacking !! Really zvashata papi futi? I’m the boss subscriber who almost sacrificed his life for ngwena.

Zimbabweans are now crying for another November 2017 episode and after that who will be next in line? I would rather ask who is the next in line? Musatiitise ma Zimba, March at your own peril.

What exactly do you wants Zimbabweans? Who accompanied Mnangagwa to the boarder at the jaws of a lion? It was Emmerson Junior. Today who is displaying those flashy vehicles around town? Who is Dextar International? Who is on the lead to loot Covid – 19 donations? Who is on the lead to loot minerals? Who is on the lead to loot Command Agriculture funds?

Subsequently, we prepared the bed, we must lie on it !!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher and Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking, and he can be contacted at [email protected]