LIVE: The Girls Abducted the 2nd Time At Harare Central Police Station | FULL TEXT.
12 June 2020
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By Henry Chimbiri | Good day every concerned citizen of Zimbabwe and neighbours of our surrounding countries herein concerned: l would want to tell you that as a parent of the three girls, l am a witness to what happened on Wednesday 10th June 2020. I saw it with my own eyes in broad daylight: The three girls were almost snatched or kidnapped by State agents and so called police in uniform at their lawyers’ premises without a notice, an Order of the courts or a Warrant to ascertain a charge of allegation which they still haven’t told us up to 12noon Thursday.

The three girls Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova are locked up in cells here at Harare Central Police Station. I witness the truth of how in the first instance the three girls were abducted by police details still at large in the presence of police officers at a Roadblock at the Showgrounds site location in Harare, at around 1608hrs after having left the court at Rotten Row where the three with their lawyer had gone to submit their Passports as per the Bailout condition.

The next port of call was the lawyers’ premises in Belvedere where the girls where supposed to sign some detail Affidavits. Just by 1620hrs, the gates were forced open, and the Gateman alerted the lawyers of intruders or tresspassers. I was still sat in the vehicle when l saw almost 10 plain clothed policemen and over 20 so called uniformed officers in Riot gear. When I looked outside, it was as if there was a flash appearance of a Car sales plot of vehicles without number plates; a few with number plates. The detailed officers demanded to have the girls from the lawyers who also asked the so called officers why they were in the hoods in the premises without an Order or Permission to enter. The officers who made the demands, some were smelling alcohol and wanted to snatch the girls by force. The entire office (lawyer’s) premises were filed by more plain clothed police personnel behind the covid-19 mask and some without. There was a manhandling of the girls from the car they were in with their lawyer Mr Jeremiah Bamu. It was a horrendous experience for the girls and the parents as well as the lawyers.

Latest luxury vehicles like the new mercedes benz (C200, 2010 model), BMWs Toyota Hiluxes unplated, Quantum buses and many other had flooded the road and premises.

I imagined how the three girls, Joana, Cecilia and Netsai were abducted in the first place which is now being referred by Kazembe Kazembe as fake. It is not fake. l SAW IT ON WEDNESDAY WITH MY OWN EYES. If l was not there as a parent and had refused to listen to their fake allegations and arresting demands, for sure the girls would have been NO MORE BY NOW.

THE INTENTION WAS TO SNATCH AND DISAPPEAR WITH THEM. The lawyers did not retreat and warned and cautioned the officers to behave as per the police charter and Constitution. The lawyer advised to take the girls himsef to Harare Central police station. The officers insisted to want to snatch the girls (see video of the hulabaloo at offices.) Finally the lawyer managed to protect the girls up to the station in his vehicle. It was hell at the Central Police Station after reaching the backside through the prohibited boomgate for the public where again for the last time, they disappeared.

They wanted to load the girls in the Toyota Quatum vehicles and the girls and parents could not have none of it and demanded through noise to be shot and killed right there in the police [station].

The lawyers and the parents were manhandled, as the parents were trying to protect their daughters from another second naked brutal abduction at the boomgate. The girls were later taken to the obscure Law and Order section together with their five lawyers. The police officer in charge who refused to give his name, failed to give the lawyers the charge sheet. But all this happened after a press Conference by Kazembe Kazembe who initially accused the girls for what he termed a fake abduction.

The same has happened and was going to happen in the worst case scenario of disappearance and death. Please note- What happened at the Showgrounds at a Roadblock was repeated and only failed to materialise because the lawyers and parents decompressed the satanic plan that was hatched by the Police Law and Order section. The other police officers of the well known information and Inquiries Desk (real police) did not know why the girls were being harassed and assaulted inside the station by rioting police force. Up until 11 pm there was no charge laid against the three girls. Up to Thursday 1400hrs there was no charge laid against the three. There appears to be a strategy of some delaying tactics to have the girls sleep over again for the second night without a charge justifying why they were arrested. In fact l just don’t understand where on earth a person is arrested before an investigation is done. After all these three girls are on $1,000 Bailout and were suppose to report on Friday which is per the agreed reporting conditions. If the police so wanted, another 2nd allegation count would still meet them on 13 August on the court day. The police took all their passports and deprived them their rights after torturing them. The Police must come out clear who they are. Are they the police or shadow police called Nihilist police or another terror group. Something is not proper. There now appears to be a full vase of No Rule of Law. Up to now as l write to inform you at 1500hrs there was still no Charge found or even laid. Trying to create matter which no man can create. May God remove the Police Knee on our Necks, George Floyd was murdered by police in the same style being used by the police force here. Amen