Macheso Celebrates Birthday In Style
12 June 2020
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Alick Macheso was in his best form when he went live on “Gara Mumba Iwe” concert on Zimbabwe Television Network (ZTN) on Wednesday evening.

Many people had been waiting for the Orchestra Mberikwazvo set on a live platform and his fans were definitely sanitised by the act that has so far stood above most of the performances done on the social media platform.

The combination between ZTN and “Gara Mumba Iwe” sponsor Passion Java has brought exciting times to online live shows featuring local musicians.

Wednesday’s event came as a special occasion as Macheso was celebrating his 52nd birthday and the world joined him on the special day.

Macheso was a happy man on the evening. It started with a “happy birthday party” outside Herald House that houses ZTN studios when the musician’s band members sang the “happy birthday” song for him.

The band members that included Seleman “Majuice” Mpochi and Jonasi Kasamba made the atmosphere outside the studio electric with their impromptu choreography.

It was a great day for Baba Shero, as the musician is popularly known, and his fans who have been waiting for the big day.

In an interview on the sidelines of the show, Macheso said he was excited about the event because fans have been calling for the live performance or a long time.

“People had been calling for the live performance for a long time and I am glad with the response we got. People showed happiness and excitement after our performance and we have been looking forward to this day,” said Macheso.

“This was our day to show people what we can do and we will do our best on such platforms whenever such a chance comes. We will always do our best.

Orchestra Mberikwazvo is a band that has released music for the people for many years and we are glad with the support.”

Macheso showed the world what he is capable of doing. He was in top form and his band rose to the occasion. At the end of the act, Prophet Passion saluted Macheso for the good performance- The Herald

Alick Macheso