Drama As Pregnant Lover Makes Surprise Visit To Married Boyfriend
13 June 2020
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A man who stays in Runyararo West had the shock of his life when his pregnant girlfriend suddenly stormed into his dining room where he was relaxing with his wife and his three children last week.

There was drama when the wife heard the purpose of the woman’s visit and she attacked the stranger with a pot before the two started fighting.

Sources told The Mirror that Tecla was a bar lady at KMP at Mbudzi in Runyararo South West where she met Takawira and the two fell in love. Mafa later fell pregnant and Takawira promised to look after his girlfriend and the unborn child.

However, a few weeks after announcing her pregnancy, Takawira stopped visiting Tecla at the place where she was lodging or even looking after her.

Tecla who did not know the place where Takawira stayed hatched a plan and told the latter’s two friends that she wanted to go and collect US$10 from her boyfriend and she would give her some money for beer if they accompanied her.

The two innocently accompanied Tecla and told her to wait outside the gate while they went inside to collect Takawira.

However as soon as they entered the house, Tecla followed them into the house where Takawira and his wife were. She announced in front of the wife that she was pregnant and a fight broke out.

Takawira declared to Tecla that their affair was over because she had told her wife contrary to their secret arrangement.

The matter was not reported to the Police.